Monday, 30 November 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt: November 2015

Well, it's Scavenger Hunt time again and I just about managed it. Not that it was a particularly tough one, just that I've struggled with the lurgy the last couple of weeks. Thanks as always to Greenthumb for organising it. Here's my entry.

A stranger: A single stranger walking by this water feature outside Sheffield railway station.

Looking down: A cuddly husky watching the shoppers going by at the Christmas market in Manchester.

Pop culture: Old records made into coasters. For sale on the Christmas market in Manchester.

The weather: Rain and hail as sunlight hits the top of the postbox. Typical English weather then.

Big: An enormous poppy in Manchester Victoria railway station.

Sign: It feels like this one should be in the December Hunt but I did see it in November: Father Christmas greeting visitors to the market.

Bottle: I couldn't resist this bottle purely because of the name. Sadly, the drink inside it was less exciting than the ingredients sounded. It had a very weird, almost cheesy, aftertaste!

Out & about: Autumnal colour in Sheffield.

Hat: A woolly hat made of fondant on one of the amazing cakes on display at the Cake & Bake Show, Manchester.

Hole: Lots of holes in this metal fence.

One: A single, perfect fly agaric toadstool. 'A fairy should be sat on top of that' commented someone I showed the photo to.

Whatever you want: Not the best photo but definitely one of the most exciting events this month. A cormorant on our local lake! I thought this was a once in a lifetime event then, on Saturday, lo and behold there were two! Probably sheltering from all the rain and gales that have been sweeping across for days and days.

If you've been inspired, head over to the Scavenger Hunt site to see the other entries and to see the list for December.

I've been very absent from the blogging world this month. Too much to do and a bout of the lurgy. I'm now starting to see the light at the end of the germ-filled tunnel so, hopefully, I'll be back soon. Have a wonderful week everyone. x