Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunshine & hail

Well this wasn't the post I'd planned but I thought I'd show you a few images from the weekend instead. Yesterday, Chickpea and I went into Manchester to meet up with friends at the Art Gallery. Just as we arrived, the hailstorm started - hail, thunder and lightning. Earlier it had been brilliant sunshine: don't you just love the British weather and how you can experience all its variations within a few minutes!

We were there to see the exhibition of Grayson Perry's tapestries, Vanity of Small Differences (the link is from a different venue but has better photos). Not something I'd want to display in my house but fascinating all the same.

Luckily the good weather returned today and, after houseworky things, I had an irresistible urge to get out into the fresh air for an hour. I headed for my favourite walk down by the golf course.

Everywhere is still surprisingly green.

I loved the light coming through the ferns. In the height of summer you could barely squeeze past them as they crowded over the path.

There are still a few berries on the trees though probably not for long as I saw several blackbirds munching away.

And despite all the greenery, there are definite signs of autumn colour.

This is what we had for dessert.

Amaretti and sultana cheesecake, made to use up some amaretti biscuits which I've had in the cupboard for ages. It could have done with more amaretto but was lovely and creamy.

I think I'll be making other kinds of cake over the coming weeks as I bought a copy of the Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook on Saturday and have been drooling over the recipes. Haven't had much time to make progress on my various craft projects so I'm off to curl up with some knitting before bed. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. x


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend :)

  2. Your cheesecake looks and sounds delicious.

  3. Great photos and that cheesecake looks fantastic

  4. Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend. The cheesecake looks delicious!
    Marianne x

  5. I like the look of that exhibition. Whenever I hear Grayson Perry on the radio (usually Radio 4) I always think how interesting and articulate he is, and witty too. I could stare at the details in those tapestries for hours. x

  6. Your walks are always so beautiful and interesting! Hmmm......I think I need to take my camera and try to find something photo-worthy on my walks. That cheesecake does look delicious!