Sunday, 19 October 2014

Acorns and birds

Well, I finally finished the little birds quilt which was my 2nd blogiversary giveaway and, as it's now arrived safely with Louise, I'm able to reveal all.

The design is by Elizabeth Wall and I've made two versions of the quilt before which you can see here and here. This time inspiration came from Louise herself who asked if the design could contain nuts. I knew immediately that I wanted to do an oak tree in autumn colours complete with acorn buttons. It wasn't until my visit to the Harrogate quilt show though that I was able to find the fabrics and buttons. The animal fabric has been in my stash a number of years and was perfect for the backing, with just a little mouse sneaking onto the front :0)

It's the first quilt I've ever made for someone else though I've given away quilts to Project Linus. Nerve-wracking but I also enjoyed the challenge of working to 'commission'. Now though, I need to concentrate on finishing my large quilt which has been on the go for about a year!


Yesterday I met up with some friends in Liverpool and, among other things,we visited the new Central Library: an amazing space. The text is a poem, 'Liverpool', by Levi Tafari. I can't show you any more as I might be using some of the photos for the Scavenger Hunt!

Today the wind has really picked up as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo heads our way. Of all weather conditions, strong wind is the one I like the least :(

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe wherever you are . xx


  1. Oh the little quilt is just darling, I'm sure it will be enjoyed. Amazing library photo - almost makes you feel like you are sliding down the rabbit hole.

  2. I hate wind too, I don't mind any other weather but wind makes me want to stay indoors! I'm glad you posted a few photos, I've only had chance to take photos after dark really (I was busy today and forgot!) so I'll be able to link to your better photos when I share this on my blog - I haven't had chance yet, I don't know where time is disappearing at the moment!

  3. It is a beautiful quilt, just right for Louise and I am sure that she will love it!! xx

  4. Love the little birds quilt. The colours are fabulous.

  5. This is beautiful! I love the details. I too do not like the windy weather and the destruction it brings with it. Keep safe xx

  6. The quilt looks lovely on the wall, forgot all about looking for photos for the scavenger hunt must start. The library looks like a beautiful space, have still not been round the library at Leeds since it was done up years ago, must go while I'm of.
    Amanda xx

  7. Hello Julie

    Your quilt is beautiful and a Work of Art, you are so talented. Louise is one very lucky lady to receive your stunning quilt.

    I'm feeling dizzy just looking at the picture of your Central Library.


  8. What a lovely quilt, Julie - it's beautiful. I especially like the stitching on the leaves and the acorns x

  9. Your quilt is gorgeous Julie....the details are fantastic. What a generous give away.
    I hate strong wind too.
    Jacquie x

  10. Your small quilts are so cute -- I love the details, especially at the bottom of the tree:)

  11. It's just lovely, Julie, The colours are perfect and the shaping on the acorn leaves is really nicely done. x

  12. Hi Julie! You quilt is exquisite, and I'm so glad that it went to Louise, who will treasure it I'm sure. And that sweet little mouse, the perfect touch. Quilting is something I would like to find time for, but right now I'm buried in writing. Take care!