Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Photo scavenger hunt : December

It's time for my final scavenger hunt entry of 2014. This month's was a real challenge if only because the low light levels and the fact we haven't been out much means that I've taken very few photos. I didn't want to miss out though as taking part has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my year. Very many thanks then to Greenthumb for organising the hunt each month. Here's my entry.

Where you stood : From our walk in the woods earlier this week.

Down low : A frosty spider's web down low under a bench.

A view from here: A regular view over Christmas: watching a DVD while working on my crochet blanket. Yes, we're watching Frozen. 'Do you want to build a snowman...'

A favourite thing : Having a cup of tea from my favourite new Emma Bridgewater mug, eating a Christmas pudding cupcake, while reading The Great Christmas Knit Off (another present).

Front door : My front door with a wreath I made several years ago.

Sweet : A cupcake that was being sold to raise money for Save the Children on Christmas Jumper Day.

Christmas : Christmas dinner at my parents.

Decoration : Some colleagues made a nativity scene using meerkat toys!

Tree : Not mine but my friend, Sue's. I love her tree - it's always real (ours is fake) and is covered in all kinds of interesting little baubles and wooden figures,

Tradition : Holly and berries are a traditional sight in December.

Black & white : Painted moulding on the front of a house. The one next door was painted completely white and looked far less striking.

Whatever you want : This is Bruiser, the local tom cat who regularly visits our garden whilst patrolling his territory. We don't know his real name, where he lives, or even if he's definitely a tom, but 'Bruiser' seems to fit as he's big and chunky and looks like he could do a few rounds in the boxing ring!

I'm so glad to see that the Hunt is continuing. If you'd like to take part in the fun, head over to Made with Love for January's categories.

And last but not least, a very Happy New Year to you all. x


  1. Lovely photos. The first one is beautiful! It looks like you've had a nice, cosy Christmas. I love the meerkat nativity and that tree is lovely too. Happy New Year :)

  2. I love your collection. I really must take part next year as the posts always look so much fun! Have a very Happy New Year!! xx

  3. A wonderful seletion of photos. Happy New year.


  4. These are lovely photos Julie! Are you making a Lucy blanket? I am rippling my way through miles of yarn for a blanket my daughter Annie has ordered. Happy New Year!

  5. Great finds, and I think you did well on the black and white in this post and in your pictures in the last post too! I hope that your New Year will be wonderful! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx

  6. I like your photo choices - lovely December.

  7. Great shots, Julie! Your friend's Christmas tree is gorgeous! It's so dry in Colorado that I don't dare have a live tree. Happy New Year!

  8. What a lovely collection. I would love to learn to crochet so that I can make a blanket :)

  9. Oh, I love all your photos! The photo of the roast dinner on Christmas makes me homesick for my English in-laws, roast potatoes are just the best. xx
    Wish I could sit beside you in your cozy room and crochet with you! :-)

  10. Thanks for taking part in the last scavenger hunt for 2014, I really like your of down low, tree, those two different cup cakes look so yummy. Greenthumb

  11. Enjoyed looking at your December choices :) The photo of you crocheting your blanket is so cozy ~ a perfect occupation while sitting watching TV as the blanket will keep you warm at the same time. Great shot of the spider's web! Your friend's tree is so festive ~ and turkey dinner with roast potatoes is calling my name... ;) I think Bruiser suits that cat with the attitude purrfectly... and I also thought that your black and white photo, with the golden glow was very effective. Love your front door, which looks charming!

  12. I am a little late to the party this time also because I found it challenging to find and cope with the light levels! Bruiser looks just that The cakes look great and I was amused by the meerkat nativity Beautiful!