Saturday, 31 January 2015

Photo scavenger hunt: January 2015

And so to the first Scavenger Hunt of the new year! I struggled with a couple of categories this month, not because they were difficult, but because I seem to have been ill for most of it and have barely left the house (she types, sucking on a cough sweet). Still, I managed to scrape my entry together even if some of these photos would normally hit the reject pile. Thanks as always to Greenthumb at Made with Love for organising the hunt.

Something new : My Cable and Cotton lights: a treat from our visit to Haworth. I had to hide them away until recently as I'd also bought sets as gifts for two of my friends and didn't want to spoil the surprise.

Landscape : Taken on a walk right at the beginning of the month.

Words : A poem engraved on the waiting room window of a train station. The poem is 'A train of linguistic thoughts' by Darren Thomas.

Cold : An icy spider's web.

Bottle : Several of them, lined up in my kitchen.

Up high : A tiny bird's nest which revealed itself when all the leaves had fallen from the tree.

In the fridge : Sunday 18 January. On the top shelf: kale from our delicious evening meal the night before (recipe from Morrisons), and a homemade cheesecake (recipe coming soon). On the bottom shelf: cream, olive spread, pizza (that day's lunch), beef (that day's dinner, and part of the cookery book challenge), chicken slices (for my work lunches the next week) and a pheasant (on special offer from Aldi, I was persuaded to buy it by Chickpea).

Texture : Bark and lichen on a local tree.

Hidden : A duck egg hidden in the undergrowth in my front garden. I only ever seem to find eggs but no ducklings and can only assume the mothers abandon them because it's not quite private enough.

Blue : My mantelpiece during January. I took my inspiration for the theme from this category.

Big : St Walburge's church in Preston, Lancashire which holds the distinction of having the tallest spire on a parish church in England. It's also the third tallest in the UK after Salisbury and Norwich cathedrals.

Whatever you want : A curious horse who wondered what on earth that contraption was the lady was pointing at him!

If you'd like to take part in the hunt, you can find the list for February on the web site.


We actually had some snow this week. I woke to about an inch but, by the time I arrived home from work, it had all disappeared. It looks like my sled won't be getting an outing this year either!

Today has been a quietish day. We were going to have a day out but I'm still under the weather so, instead, we stayed in. It's a good thing really as it's my mug hug workshop on Wednesday and I needed to finish off making up the packs. At the moment I'm feeling a combination of panic and nervous excitement! I'm sure it will go well and I'll reveal all and share the instructions next month.

Enjoy your weekend. x


  1. The icy spiderweb is quite stunning! Hope you feel better soon xx

  2. love your finds, I am starting in feb can't waitxx

  3. For not feeling well, you did a great job Julie! So many people have not been doing well. Take care! I loved the tree bark and the icy spider's web!!!!

  4. What a fabulous collection of photos. I love your lights, so bright and colourful and a lovely way to brighten up a dull and overcast day. The spider's web is spectacular and the train station window lovely.
    Anne xx

  5. Hi Julie, hope you are feeling a little better, it sucks been ill and seem ten times worse when it's cold out side, well January's over so here's to a happy February and ill free...
    You have a lovely set of photos, the spiders web is my favourite and I love the lights.
    Amanda xx

  6. Great photos, I actually don't think I can choose a best as they are all so good! Get well xx

  7. I love all your photos, but I particulary like the web, it's stunning. I really like how you change the mantle piece arrangement too, it's a great way to show off all your lovely things:)

  8. Great interpretations - love the texture one especially.

  9. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of cold I don't think I have ever seen a frozen spider web, whatever you like and landscap. Greenthumb

  10. Sorry to hear you have been unwell and hope you are truly on the mend! Lovely selection starting with those cheery lights...I bet the gift recipients were thrilled :) Your spider web photos is amazing showing nature's wintry filigree at its best. Enjoyed all of your photos.

  11. So sorry to hear that you haven't been well, I hope that you will be feeling much better in February. Great finds for the hunt, that picture of the frozen spiders web is amazing! xx

  12. Hi Julie
    Your photos are brilliant and so varied. I do love that spiders web, clever to catch that one so clearly ! So beautiful even though I am not a spider fan. I like your texture and words.Sorry you've been ill. x

  13. Oi Julie, fiquei feliz com sua visita e comentário no meu Blog.
    Espero que esteja melhor de saúde.Suas fotos ficaram fabulosas.

  14. A lovely collection here. Firstly the lovely lights, I feel like a magpie drawn to pretty things as it has felt grey for months. You have captured the spider's web very well and Dobbin is delightful.

  15. I'm sorry you've been ill. We're all fighting off various colds here too. Your Cable and Cotton lights are beautiful, I can't wait to unpack mine. And that photo of the frozen spider web is wonderful. Good luck for the Mug Hug workshop - you'll be brilliant! xx