Friday, 31 July 2015

Photo scavenger hunt: July 2015

Time for the monthly Scavenger Hunt. Lots of the photos this time are from my holidays at the beginning of the month. Here's what I found.

D is for...: Devil! Apparently this statue outside 33 Stonegate in York, is not a sign of demonic activity but is the traditional sign of a printers! Don't look too closely into his eyes - it's supposed to be unlucky...

Wide: A wide expanse of sea and sky off the coast of Scarborough.

Edge: The edges of tiles embedded in the wall of Scarborough Castle.

Cylindrical: The lighthouse at Scarborough.

Feelings: Of intense concentration as Sue prepares to hoopla the pinata at my 4th July BBQ.

Mysterious: Strange markings on the cobbles leading up to Scarborough Castle: I'm guessing they show where each cobble fits.

Weed: Masses of clover in the polka dots on my lawn.

Joke: A joke shop in Scarborough.

Pile: Lobster pots in the old harbour, Scarborough.

Speed: Letting the train take the strain on the journey home from our holiday in York. ('Let the train take the strain' was the strapline for a series of adverts for rail travel)

Night: Evening light over the Lendal Bridge in York.

Whatever you want: This one is for Kezzie! A Tardis on Scarborough harbour.

Thanks as always to Jill at Made with Love for organising the Scavenger Hunt. You can see the other entries and the categories for August on her web site.


  1. Oh I love your interpretations - the stones in the wall are amazing. Love the lighthouse too.

  2. Love your photos and interpretation of this month''s topics. I like York and Scarborough so it was great to see your photos taken there. Like the tiles for edge and the pile of lobster pots also the cobbles in mysterious and the lighthouse:)

  3. Lovely photos from your holiday and they fit the words very well. I like the wide photo and wish I was looking over the sea.
    Amanda xx

  4. Really enjoyed visiting York and Scarborough through your photos :) What a great find for mysterious and edge. I linked back to find out about your polka dot lawn ~ neat idea! A lot of bright colourful shots that fit each category perfectly.

  5. Great photos - I like edge and cyclindrical and that was a great find for mysterious too. I haven't seen a Joke Shop for years - what fun! Love the Tardis too :)

  6. I've enjoyed seeing some more of York and Scarborough and the joke shop one jogged my memory of going in there with grandchildren when they were younger - something I had completely forgotten about. Thanks. Brilliant interpretations of the words on the list!

  7. Great photos! I love the pretty clover shot and the joke shop and lobster pots were perfect for this month's list.

  8. Great finds! I love speed and edge best of all, but I have no idea why! xx

  9. Great pics! I love the lobster pots ( make me want to go the seaside) , joke shop and tardis.I have not been scarbrough for about twenty years.X

  10. Tardis brings back memories of childhood. Watching Dr.Who all day Saturdays with Andrew!

  11. Wow, I had a hard time getting past that devil. He scared the s*@! out of me. Great pics. Cheers

  12. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of, edge, joke and pile. Green

  13. Thoroughly enjoyable, Julie! I got a kick out of your Tardis for Kezzie! I really liked Edge for it's textures and Speed for its sense of fast movement.

  14. Yay! I love that everyone thinks of me when they see a TARDiS!!!Mwa ha, world dominationis mine!
    Great photos! I absolutely love your closeups, those amazing tiles in Scarborough and the speed one and those lobster pits! so cool!x
    P.S. sorry I am late visiting, I always visit after I've done mine and I'm er- a little bit late for the hunt!x