Sunday, 20 September 2015

Harrogate quilt show

A couple of weeks ago, me and 3 of my quilting friends went to the Great Northern Quilt Show at Harrogate. We go every year and have seen lots of changes. This year it was in a temporary hall as the usual one is being refurbished. I can only hope the new one is as good as it was a much better venue, far more light and airy.

I've seen a few write-ups on other blogs and it's really interesting how we've all picked out very different quilts. Looking back over my photos, my eye was clearly taken by the contemporary quilts this year, particularly ones with machine quilting and lots of texture. There were some beautiful traditional quilts too. Here's a selection of my favourites from the show.

This is Maquerade by Birgit Schuller from Germany, with a detail above. Unsurprisingly it won first prize for use of colour. The photo really doesn't do it justice as it completely glowed. All of the kaleidoscope patterns were embellished with Swarovski crystals - embellishment was a big trend at the Show.

Another one which caught my eye for its use of colour was 'Devoted to You' by Hazel Ryder inspired by old Welsh and North Country quilts.

It was all the embroidery detail and fabric manipulation which I loved too.

Hazel also made one of my favourite quilts of the Show, 'She who must be obeyed', which is based on an illustration by Rene Gruau. I love cats!

A very different creature was on 'Draco' by Elizabeth Tate. This was Chickpea's favourite. It won 2nd prize in the Bed Quilt category.

Another prize winner (3rd) which couldn't be more different is this delicate miniature by Sandra Goldsbrough. 'Whenever a cold north wind blows 2' was only a few inches square. You can see more of Sandra's work here.

It's probably the similar colour palette which attracted me to 'Gold rings' by Andrea Ashwell which came 3rd in Small Wall Hangings.

More lovely colours were included in 'Out of the block' by Sheena Norquay who is one of my favourite quilters - wonderful machine quilting.

And some of my favourite purples in 'Blatt' by Anni Struman. I really liked the embellishment with squares of felt and wooden buttons too. It was part of a display of quilts from a challenge between members of an English and German quilting group. Interestingly, I much preferred the German quilts - they were far more innovative.

My favourite part of the show was definitely English though. There was a special exhibition of quilts by Jenny Rolfe and I would have taken any of her quilts home with me.

I felt so inspired by Jenny's quilts - so many ideas to try.

But, of course, I've saved the best 'til last. The Best in Show was won by...

...Susan Lax for her quilt, 'Perseverance'. It was hard to get a photo because there were always so many people stood around it in amazement and admiration.

Simply stunning.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little selection. Going to the show has really reawakened my quilting bug and spurred me on to get back to my journal quilts. I'm so far behind that I haven't even done the one for June yet! Yesterday, though, I sat in the garden and planned out what I'm going to do for the June, July and August quilts and today I've been rummaging through my fabrics.

Hope you've had a great weekend. My tummy is rumbling so I'm off to make tea - that's evening meal for non-Northeners :) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. x


  1. I went to the show this year with my Mum and Son. I always find it tricky to get photos without people, your photos are great. There's so much work in the quilts on show. Did you make any purchases? Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah. Only a few purchases - a couple of fat quarters and some variegated thread. The main thing though was a felt mouse kit from a big stand on the right hand side - they had lots of felt kits. x

  2. There are some beautiful quilts there!

  3. A special quilting friend also went to that show and took photos of such wonderful works and her 'best to last' picture was the same beautiful quilt - Perseverance :)

  4. That best in show really is incredible isn't it. I love the cat on the pile of cushions best of all I think! xx

  5. Oh my goodness, these are works of art. Thank you so much for sharing these with us, I loved looking at them. The best in show, Perseverance, really is outstanding. The level of detail, and the quality of the work! Amazing. x

  6. Julie, these are truly astounding on their beauty and innovation! Thank you for sharing with us!!! That cat one is brilliant and the winner you saved till last is just exquisite! I love those that display a rainbow of hues!!
    Did you enjoy Dr Who? I thought it was great and would love to know how they're going to get out of the extermination!!!!x
    And I could do a version of Clara's outfit bit for a leather jacket!!!x

  7. Some of these are amazing, I love that one with the sea, the north wind one - that's beautiful. Sorry for the lack of comments lately - so much to do, so little time, I have loads of blogs I need to catch up when I have the time and energy! I will get around to looking at recent posts at some point!