Thursday, 28 January 2016

Kirigami update 2

Just a quick post today as I wanted you to update you on my Kirigami-a-day project. It's going well and I look forward to those moments of calm cutting out each day. Here's what the past 2 weeks have brought.

11 January, above, was a snowflake design which reminded me of a spiral of coral.

12 January: What do you see in this this one? I see ladies with bouffant hairstyles, arms raised, holding hands!

13 January and possibly the most boring pattern so far. It was meant as an introduction to using fancy-edge scissors - mine are deckle - but surely it could have been a more interesting design?

15 January: Now this is more like it! One of my favourites so far.

You might have noticed I missed 14 January. Well, there was no kirigami that day - just instructions on creating a cutting surface for a craft knife, which we'd be using for...

...16/17 January. Not the most exciting of patterns. I need to work on my craft knife skills though as the cutting came out a bit scruffy.

19 January: reminded me of a cog.

20 January: great excitement as it was the first of the pop-out designs. There are a lot fancier ones to come :)

21 January: this reminded me of a stained glass rose window.

22 January: lots of rotating suns.

23/24 Jan. Oh no, a boring one to end the week.

I hope you're enjoying the updates. I fear that writing about kirigami is much less engrossing than actually doing it :( However, for my own records, I'm going to continue to post a photo of each design. There are some lovely ones to come too. x


  1. I'm sure it is much more interesting actually making these, but I am enjoying seeing the different designs and look forward to seeing what other designs will appear! Some of these are a bit dull, I agree, but I do like the one with the suns, the 'spiral coral' and a few others too. I

  2. What a fun project - love all the different designs.

  3. It's a great way of learning a new craft and well done for sticking with it. I love the pop out one. Looking forward to seeing more of the designs.

  4. The first fancy edged scissor one looks like a palm tree top and the spiral suns look like star fish holding hands to me. This is fun seeing the different patterns. Can't wait to see more of the pop out designs.

  5. Some fabulous pieces!! I was thinking as I was looking at them that they would make a great artwork of some kind. I love the ones you think look like a cog and the rose window, they are two of my favourites too! xx

  6. They're SO beautiful! I think that was a great present to receive (it was a present wasn'tit???) Ooh, and you need to check my current post....xx