Saturday, 13 August 2016

Kirigami and grebes

It's been ages since I updated you on my kirigami. I confess it's been a bit erratic over the summer and I'm a little behind but hoping to catch up now I'm on leave for two weeks. So, here's a selection from June and July.

I also thought I'd give a quick update on the baby grebes. Both are doing really well and almost as big as their parents. One still seems very dependent but the other has started fishing on its own for short periods. It's been wonderful watching them grow and develop. The sound of my summer will be the sounds of their calling for food - a quite high-pitched peeping!

In other nature news, is it me or has spider season started incredibly early this year? I've had several in my bedroom and we had to evict two which ran across the living room floor last night. I carefully transferred them to the shed and I'm hoping they prefer that love shack to my house!

Tomorrow I'm off to Birmingham to the Festival of Quilts. I'm so looking forward to it as I haven't been for a few years. Will try to take lots of photos for you :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x


  1. I had never heard about kirigami until your post, I love it and have started myself.

  2. Hello!
    I am so sorry I have not been around recently. I've actually been on a cruise for almost 2 weeks and before I was in France for a week! I do apologise for the lack of blog presence and comments. I do hope you are well!
    I LOVE your kirigami and YES, I missed it! The mouse and cheese is super sweet!!!
    The grebes are doing so well!

  3. An interesting collection of kirigami and glad to see the grebes are doing well. I saw a family with four babies at the lake where I was doing wildplay today, but failed to take any decent photos!