Monday, 1 May 2017

Bank Holiday weekend

Ah, bank holidays! Why can't every weekend have one? Ours has been a good mix of home and away, practical and pleasure.

It started on Friday evening with a charity belly dancing event. I wore this tunic which I found in a charity shop this week for a bargain £3! A lovely evening though maybe not what I was expecting. I definitely didn't expect to find that the only drinks were mint tea and water!

Saturday, I went to the theatre with two friends to see I capture the castle. It was a musical production and very good. Later, Chickpea and I watched the film as she'd missed the play because she was out being fitted for a bridesmaid dress. Yes she's being a bridesmaid for her best friend whose getting married in October.

Bank holidays usually mean baking and this one was no exception. One of my all-time favourite recipes, Delia's ginger cake with lemon icing. Yum! And even better the day after when the ginger has had more time to develop.

Less successful were the waffles made in my new cast iron pans. The mixture stuck and burned. Back to the drawing board and the internet to find out how to use the pans properly as the instructions on the box were clearly no help.

This seems to be one of my most common positions on bank holidays: constantly washing up! All that baking and scrubbing of burnt pans. And yes, I still use the old-fashioned method. No dishwashers here.

Water of a different kind in my latest jigsaw. Not my usual subject but I enjoyed this one with all the patterns and colours. I always have a jigsaw on the go and have already started the next one - with a picture of ice cream!

More water and the grebes are back! I was really hoping they'd return after raising two beautiful stripey babies last summer. They're much earlier this year though as it was towards the end of 30 days wild in June when the babies hatched last year. She's been on the nest a couple of weeks now so it looks like we'll be having grebelings before long. So exciting!

There are already babies on the lake though - the first ducklings of the year born earlier this week. Eight here but she only had seven yesterday. I never get tired of watching ducklings.

And so to today and a walk in the woods. Carpets of wild garlic...

...and bluebells.

And smaller patches of wood anemones. My favourite time of year to be in the woods.

Especially when being entertained by water-loving dogs bounding around and chasing sticks.

Back home, I've put up a hanging basket bracket this afternoon from which I'll be hanging bird feeders. I only had a fat ball to hand until I can get a feeder. If you look closely you might be able to see a yellow daffodil in the background. That's also a feeder but the birds have steadfastly refused to have anything to do with it. There are sparrows nesting in next door's eaves and they pop by each evening for a dust bath before bed, squabbling over the best spots. So cute!

And that was our weekend. The cherry blossom has almost blown away now but it's been absolutely glorious this spring.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too. Not long until the next one! xx


  1. Oh, I did so much enjoy this post!!
    Cast iron pans...did you season them?
    Did you see my post about my biscuits and see the black pans in the background? You must get a coating of oil on them, you see and you only wipe them out and don't wash them!
    Richard and I also do not own a dishwasher.
    In fact, the preacher who married us also had his own repair business...fixing washing machines, dryers and fridges.
    I joke Richard and I are not husband and wife but washer and dryer! HA HA!

  2. What a great weekend you've had (except for the bit where you had to clean that waffle maker!). I love the photos of the bluebells and wild garlic, I've not seen any wild garlic yet!

  3. I like your idea of a bank holiday every week! I love to see the ducklings and bluebells are among my favourite, sounds like a wonderful time xx

  4. aah, spring. flowers out, part of the garden in and frost predicted for tonight! Love the puzzle. Don't have time for one now but always one going up north. The tunic looks like something K would enjoy.

  5. Looks like you had a good time , food looks yummy...
    Amanda xx

  6. Your weekend looked so lovely. I read I Capture The Castle last year and loved it. Then I was lucky to recieve it in a Thrifty Christmas Gift Swap. Its a lovely story. Nice to see The Grebes back and sorry about the waffles. X

  7. SO much gorgeousness in this post! I adore the wild garlic pictures! So pretty. The jigsaw is amazing!
    I LOVE I Capture the Castle. I watched it on the way home from Bali when I was moving home from there and so I have really strong memories of it!!x

  8. Beautiful post! I too don't like dishwashers. I think the detergent leaves a bit of it's chemistry on the dishes and that ends up in our cells.