Sunday, 28 October 2012

42nd Street

Yesterday it was time for my Dad to redeem his 70th birthday present. His birthday was actually a few months ago so he's had to wait a while. However, when I bought the tickets for 42nd Street, I knew it was the perfect gift: Dad loves going to musicals. It's also something he likes to share with me and Chickpea as we love it too. Mum can take it or leave it so chose not to accompany us this time.

Knowing it was a musical full of sequins and glitz, it seemed appropriate to wear a few myself. As we got on the train in bright sunshine, Chickpea said I was sending sparkles around the carriage like a walking disco ball!

We took an early train in case there were delays but also so that we could enjoy a pre-performance coffee and cake. Carrot cake and a latte for me and Dad. Pumpkin spice latte and an apple fritter doughnut for Chickpea.

Then it was time to make our way to the theatre. Excitement was building as we approached and joined the crowds. We made our way to our seats in the second row of the Circle. The atmosphere was buzzing. The lights dim, the orchestra strikes up, and the curtain starts to rise.

How I wish I could have shared some images from the performance but photography wasn't allowed so you'll have to make do with this from the programme. Maybe you can sing along with us though - you'll be surprised how many of the songs you recognise: Keep young and beautiful, I only have eyes for you, We're in the money, Lullaby of Broadway, and of course,  42nd Street. The songs have been going round in my head ever since.

The costumes didn't disappoint either - lots of sequins and shimmer. My favourites though were the colourful '30s outfits in the rehearsal scene at the beginning: shorts, tanks tops and halternecks in ice cream colours. And the shoes, oh the shoes!

Of course those shoes were put to good use for some wonderful tap dancing. The floor in the row where we sat vibrated as people in the audience just couldn't help tapping their feet along with the dance numbers. On the way home, me and Chickpea would randomly break into (very bad) tap dancing - the urge was irresistible! It makes me wish I'd kept up the lessons. I still have the shoes though so, you never know, I might take it up again one day.

You'll probably have gathered that we had a brilliant time. More importantly, Dad had a brilliant time and really enjoyed his birthday treat. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.


  1. Love this description of your evening. It makes me feel as if I had been in that row with the dancing feet.

    Thank you for verifying that the tin lid is a representation of the Tower of London. Much appreciated!

    (Oh no. You have the dreaded word verification and I have old, old eyes. Any chance of switching to comment moderation instead? No more work for you and much less trouble for your readers.)

  2. Oh thank you! It is my goal in life to stamp out word verification. They can be truly challenging. Hopefully, this will mean that you get more comments.