Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Did you have a good Bonfire Night ? The fireworks were already going off as I drove home from work and I spotted a couple of bonfires in full flame.

We went to the fireworks display at our local church which is basically a few volunteers setting off fireworks for half an hour or so. However, it's our family ritual which started when Chickpea was small. At that time she spent most of the evening with her hands over her ears but she's got better over the years!

Before the health and safety police got involved, there was also a bonfire but the insurance costs now mean that this small 'cauldron' was the only thing on offer. Still, it was a symbol of the real thing and added to the atmosphere.

We handed over our bargain entry fee of just £3 each and gathered with a couple of hundred people in the church grounds. The queue for refreshments stretched out of the church hall. We'd already eaten but I went inside for a peek at what was on offer: tea/coffee/pop, hot dogs, pasties, toffee apples, toffee lollies, treacle toffee, marshmallow sticks, ginger cake, parkin and black peas!

Back outside, we stood to watch the fireworks. I think they must have upped the budget because the standard was generally higher than previous years. I kept my camera pointed skywards and kept pressing in the hope of capturing some of the display. Lots of black nothingness but occasionally these colourful shots.

As you can see, we were sheltered under the trees which I actually liked as I'm always worried about rockets falling on my head! At least here, the trees would deflect the blow!

After the final firework had flown, we got out our sparklers and stood in the darkness waving them around like a catherine wheel. And when the last of the sparks had died down, we slowly made our way home. A modest way to spend bonfire night but enough to make us feel part of it, and the comforting familiarity of following a family tradition.

Well, that rounds up the Bonfire Night posts. Same time, same place next year?

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