Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Weekend: 10/11 November

Just a few images to share with you from our weekend though I've left out the washing, ironing and cleaning! Sunday started with frost: I've had to scrape the windows on my car a couple of times already this month which seems terribly early - I'm hoping this isn't a sign of a hard winter to come.

Did some more work on Chickpea's quilt. I'm quilting the hexagon borders now and noticed that I hadn't sewn the outer edge of the trellis, so out with the machine. Worryingly it started making a horrid thudding noise as I was sewing. It's only recently been oiled (in fact there was a drop of oil on the tip of the needle when I went to thread it) but I think it might be worth doing again. I'm just hoping it's not going to pack up on me when I start sewing on the binding which, hopefully, should be next weekend.

Started work on a Christmas present. The wool is King Cole Galaxy (shade 688). Can't tell you more than that for obvious reasons but will reveal all after the big day.

Lunch on Sunday was Baked mushrooms, blue cheese and chutney sandwiches which was delicious. The recipe came from the November issue of The Simple Things magazine, though I added garlic and rocket. I also couldn't get any of the recommended walnut bread so we had spelt bread instead. 

This is at Mum and Dad's house and one of these is my Christmas cake! Mum makes absolutely the best ever Christmas cakes and every year makes at least five for various relatives, friends and neighbours.

Why was I at Mum and Dad's? Here's a clue: have you seen the film Tangled? My hair looks very much like the wicked stepmother's and has the same miraculous ability to become darker with the use of magical potions :-)

And talking of Christmas, look who's thumbing through the gift catalogues to start her wishlist!

We've had a busy few weekends so it was nice to have a quiet one pottering around at home. Hope you enjoyed yours too. Not long now to the next one!

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  1. Looks like a very nice weekend. I was tempted by the mushroom recipe from the simple things, and yours looks really good. Sadly my other half does not like mushrooms - I'll have to make it just for myself!