Sunday, 23 December 2012

Simple Saturday

Well, this wasn't the post I planned for today (I'll save that for another time) but I had such a lovely day yesterday that I wanted to have a record of it to look back on. 

Chickpea's favourite decoration in a prominent place on Mum and Dad's tree. Actually dating from my own childhood so he must be at least 40 years old - both of us are showing our age!

Not one but three cards and letters from my friends overseas! All on the same day! So exciting!

An afternoon spent baking to the sounds of Michael Buble's Christmas album. Christmas tree cookies to take to our friends for dessert with ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska).

Wrapping a last handmade gift to add to the presents for the same friends. And a lovely evening spent with them sharing food and stories. Watching in delight, their cat with her paw on the fish tank, fascinated by its occupants.

And there you have it. Nothing flashy or spectacular or out of the ordinary. Just one of those days of simple, quiet contentment that often get forgotten but which life is made of.

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