Thursday, 14 February 2013

Heart quilt

What else for Valentine's Day but hearts? You may have noticed that there is no Mr Home Jules so there'll be no lovey-dovey time for me today. I will receive a gift though as my Dad always gives flowers to his three girls (me, Mum and Chickpea). And Chickpea is madly in love so there'll be hormones a-plenty in the house.

So, anyway, in honour of the occasion, I thought I'd share this heart quilt which is the first one I made for Chickpea and the first 'large' quilt I made. In truth it's not even single bed size but it seemed large when all I'd made before were small wallhangings.

Like the hexagon quilt, I appliqued the hearts onto squares and then joined them together on the sewing machine.

The cable quilting was all done by hand in different coloured threads: pink, yellow, blue and green. It was the first time I'd ever done hand-quilting and when I proudly showed the finished quilt to my group, one of the ladies looked at my quilting and remarked that maybe she should use such big stitches in future. The cheek! I was pretty annoyed as you can well imagine! Luckily the other ladies were lovely and complimented me on how neat and even the stitches were: just the kind of encouragement a beginner is looking for.

And this is the finished quilt. As you can see I did a bunting-style border which I still really like though, if you snuggle under it, the triangles do tend to flop on your face!

Hope you all have a lovely day. x

PS I apologise for the photos - the light this weekend has been terrible for photographing anything but especially quilts :-(


  1. It's amazing! I can't believe how neat and perfect all the cable quilting is. What a labour of love.

    Gillian x

  2. That is just gorgeous! I am in awe of the beautiful quilts you make. I love the bunting around the edges of your heart quilt, it looks so pretty.
    M xxx

  3. what an adorable quilt, it makes you want to snuggle up :)

  4. That is a beautiful quilt! I love your choice of stitches.