Saturday, 2 February 2013

Paper white

I've been playing with my glass vase and pebbles again to create a flower display. And pretending that spring is here by bringing flowers and bulbs into the house. The idea isn't mine though - I saw it in issue 3 of The Simple Things - but as soon as I saw it I wanted to have a go.

It couldn't be simpler. Buy a pot of bulbs and grow on until they're well established: I chose Narcissus 'Paper White'. Rinse off the compost and put the bulbs into the bottom of a plain glass vase. I added glass pebbles in the bottom for extra interest and to stop the bulbs sitting in the water. There were enough bulbs for two vases though I think the straight-sided one worked best by keeping the leaves more upright.

I wondered how the bulbs would react to being out of compost but it didn't seem to have affected them as, before long, the flowers started to emerge.

Is there anything more exciting than watching flowers slowly emerge from their bud cocoon and slowly unfurl? The anticipation of wondering what the blooms will look like?

And the pleasure when they're revealed in all their glory. And the perfume that meets you when you walk into the room.

This one sat in the window in the stairwell where I've loved looking through the glass at the tangle of roots. I think the bulbs got enough light, though they do seem rather leggy. Maybe they're this tall naturally? As soon as they've finished flowering I'll put them in the garden to gather strength for next year.

And these beauties were in the bargain bin at the supermarket:  a snip at £1.89. Who could resist? Definitely not me!


  1. Fab flowers! I've just had fun reading through your posts - your quilts are just wonderful. I've only made a couple of patchwork ones and have to say haven't even attempted bias. Thanks for stopping by my blog too x

  2. I absolutely love your flower display, what a great idea, they look beautiful. I haven't tried The Simple Things yet but have been reading good things about it on blogs, I must check it out soon. I love your flowers and what a lovely jug they are in;) !!
    M xxxx

  3. Lovely. So effective the way you've displayed them so that you can see the roots. I've not yet bought any paperwhites or hycanths - I think it's high time I went and found some!

    Gillian x