Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snow today, gone tomorrow

Well, the snow finally arrived here on Friday afternoon. It was pretty scary driving home from work on the motorway in a blizzard and the lane lines invisible. However, safely home with a glass of wine in hand, I stood mesmerised watching the snow fall.

Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get out to photograph the scenery while it was still quiet. It's so difficult not to fall into cliches but there really is something joyful about wandering around in the crisp morning sunlight, your feet disappearing into the deep powdery snow. Later on, this area was filled with dogs bounding around and families with young children enjoying the snow while it lasted.

I was delighted to come across this little guy.  He looked like a winter sprite sat on the bench, winking at passers by!

Later on I spotted this snowman in a nearby garden. At first glance I thought of Wallace (of Gromit fame), for some reason, but then wasn't sure if it was a monkey? Any guesses? Very artistic though!

And this is where we were headed. Winter berries in Mum and Dad's garden. Look at the splash of scarlet against the snow.

There was splashing of a different kind going on when Chickpea and I decided to have a snowball fight. What is it about snow that makes you feel giddy and 6 years old again?

Back home we decided to make a snow bear with the snow I cleared from the drive.

Mr Bear is just a memory now though. Overnight we had heavy rain and all that remains of the snow are a few patches where the mounds were deeper. Another blogger (sorry, I've forgotten who) likened the snowscape to being in Narnia, and it really does feel like we've stepped through the wardrobe back into reality. Which is the way I like it really.


  1. I love the snow bear that you and your daughter made! Beautiful photographs.
    M xxx

  2. I am glad you captured the snowmen (and bear) in a photo while they lasted:)

  3. Gorgeous pics! Love the expression on Mr. Bear's face :)

  4. It's all gone here too, but I did love it while it was there. You're right, it's cliched but true - walking through freshly fallen snow is one of life's great pleasures.

    Gillian x