Saturday, 12 January 2013

Button brooches

It was a craftier Christmas than usual as I made presents for two friends this year. As well as knitting a scarf, I made button brooches. Both were inspired by this simple brooch I made for myself some time ago. Three buttons were stacked and secured by cord through the button holes. A brooch bar was sewn to a circle of felt and the felt glued to the back of the largest button.

After playing with felt flowers here and here, I decided to incorporate both ideas for the presents.

The first brooch was made to match the Galaxy scarf. I was pretty sure Sue would like it but, to test the theory, I wore my own when we met up. Success! Not only did she admire it but she asked how it was made.

And this is Sue's brooch. Her favourite colour at the moment is lime green so that gave me the contrast colour to go with the purple of the scarf. She likes big and bold accessories so I was sure this would fit the bill.

As the buttons on this one seemed quite heavy, I added some extra stitching to attach the buttons to the felt backing to give it extra strength.

The second brooch was made to match this red and silver ruffle scarf which I made Gill for her birthday. The yarn is Rico Can Can Glitz. There's a lady who makes ruffle scarves to raise funds for the church so I think everyone in our village owns one of these!

A different colour scheme and a slightly simpler design which Gill will prefer. I think this one was my favourite. Which is yours?


It's been a quiet day of the usual domestic stuff: supermarket shopping, washing/drying/ironing, cleaning the car. I've also been transferring my files onto USBs as my PC is showing signs of being on its last legs - it's started to forget what day and time it is. I do that all the time too but I think it's more serious in a PC! Can't complain really as it is about 14 years old so is ancient in technology terms.

Tomorrow we're going to see Les Miserables at the pictures. It's Dad's favourite musical though I've never seen it and the reviews have been good. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

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