Sunday, 20 January 2013


Much of the country is covered in snow at the moment, though we only had a couple of inches here. However, the photos I'm sharing today are from a few weeks ago when the lake froze over. In itself, that's not unusual as the lake regularly freezes in winter. However, this time the surface froze completely smooth instead of rippled. And instead of being dull and opaque, it was shiny like a mirror and perfectly reflected the surrounding buildings and trees.
I've never seen it do this before and was completely fascinated. Needless to say, I rushed over with my camera to try to capture some of the beauty of the reflections and patterns.

The ice melted slightly during Saturday and then froze again so, on the Sunday, there was a combination of a rippled frosted-glass surface and the mirrored ice. The final three photos were taken as night began to fall, with the water reflecting the last of the sun's glow and the most deep intense blues of the sky.

Isn't Mother Nature amazing?

And, to finish, a photo of our local ducks taken yesterday. They thought I was there with food. I knew I was there to take their photo and admire the bright orange of their feet in the snow.


  1. That lake is incredible - it's like a sheet of glass. Really beautiful photos.

    Gillian x

  2. I agree, Mother Nature is amazing. Love the reflections - some truly gorgeous photos!

  3. Your photographs are so beautiful! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments - I have really enjoyed looking at your blog, it is just lovely. The jug you have on the right hand side of your header? I have the same one, it was a Christmas gift from my mum and I absolutely love it - we must have similar (good) taste!
    M xxx