Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day

I hope you've all been enjoying Mother's Day, whether you're a Mum or not. This is what my lovely Chickpea gave me this morning :-) Such a pretty card and I love orchids.

Sometimes we go out for Mother's Day but, more often than not, it's a quiet one and that's how I'd planned it today as I'd been out at a quilt event yesterday (more on that next time).

After I'd opened my card and present we headed round to see Mum. I decided to make Mum's card again this year and enjoyed creating these little paper cupcakes on an 'Emma Bridgewater' polka dot cake stand. I did debate whether it was a good subject for her as she's diabetic and doesn't eat much cake. However, she's always baking, so cupcakes it was. Of course, Dad, always the joker, made the comment 'and this is what you could have had' when he saw it! I think Mum liked it though, and she definitely liked the heart tealight stand and tulips.

Last year I made this card. The design was from Papercraft Inspirations magazine and you can download the template and motifs here - there are different ones for people who like baking, DIY, gardening etc. As soon as I saw the design, I just had to make it. The pleated frill was a bit fiddly and awkward to stick down but, otherwise, it was an easy make and I had great fun choosing the papers and trimmings.

There was more card making this afternoon, this time for the daughter of my American friend who turns 16 in  a couple of weeks. The Russian dolls were free with Craftseller last year and the paper and wording came free with other magazines. I really enjoyed making this one and it came together quite quickly, unlike the Easter ones which I'm still deliberating over.

After the card making, Chickpea and I enjoyed a crafternoon doing some decopatch. She's never shown much interest in crafting but I keep trying! As she'd admired the decopatch I did last year, and spying an opportunity, I bought her a papier mache letter for her birthday and we primed it last weekend. I worked on something for my German friend whose birthday is in a couple of weeks - so many March birthdays - it was my best friend's and my brother's this week too! I'll reveal all after the event.

And that's been our day. Tempted by the bright sunshine, we did set out for a short stroll but the wind was so bitingly cold that we headed straight back home! Enjoy what remains of the weekend. x


  1. Such a beautiful card from your daughter, just perfect. I love the cards you have been making, they are lovely. I tried decopatch on Friday at the Hobbycrafts show and loved it. Yours looks gorgeous, I can't wait to do more...
    M xxxx

  2. Those cards are wonderful, the one you received but especially the ones you made. Beautiful orchid, too.

    Gillian x

  3. the cards are beautiful - just lovely!

    Nikki x

  4. I love the cards that you made! I love the way you put your Mother's Day card with the lovely orchid and it all looks so nice with your pretty curtains! And that heart shaped tealight stand and tulips for your Mom, so pretty!
    Sounds like you had a nice day! My husband has to always find out when that day falls over in England, since in the USA we have Mother's Day in May! xx

  5. What a fabulous card maker you are Julie! Can you guess my favourite? Cupcakes of course (and "Emma Bridgewater" tea stand- I wish!!) Your Ckickpea has super taste in cards too. Looks like you had a lovely day :)

    Thank you so much for popping by my blog, I'm now following you too :) Have a great weekend, Hazel xxx