Wednesday, 24 April 2013


For a while now, I've had a real craving to see the sea. Last Tuesday on my week off we finally had the time to satisfy it and, with any luck, the sea air would blow away a few of those cold germs.

Our destination was Arnside, a small village on the north east corner of Morecambe Bay. Strictly speaking it's not on the coast but on the estuary of the River Kent but it had everything we were looking for: pretty buildings, a few gift shops and cafes, and places to walk.

It can seem a little bleak and windswept on this corner of the coast and it was definitely windy on our visit. We had planned to walk along the beach beyond the trees in the photo but, as we turned a corner, we were straight into a headwind. It wasn't cold but it took our breath away. We soldiered on for a while but eventually turned back.

Instead we walked up the hill to explore the streets behind the sea front. You're never far away from a view of the sea/estuary though, and the hills and mountains of the Lake District beyond.

The railway line goes right across the estuary on a viaduct. You get a lovely view of the village from the train and it doesn't feel quite as exposed or precarious as it looks! Though I'm sure I've seen photos of waves going over the top in particularly bad weather.

Like most estuaries, it's a haven for sea birds and waders such as this curlew.

While we were there, the siren sounded twice to warn of the impending high tide. Morecambe Bay is notorious for its fast tides and quicksand. And, apparently, Arnside is home to the rare phenomenon of a tidal bore - don't ask me to explain what one is but there are videos of it on YouTube.

Hungry from all that fresh air, we headed for dinner: fish, chips and mushy peas for me, chicken and mushroom pie for Chickpea. When my American friend and her husband visited a few years ago, we tried our best to get him to taste mushy peas but he absolutely refused to have even a forkful! Do they really look so bad? Fish and chips just aren't the same without 'em in my view! Please also note the nice jug of gravy to go with the pie. I once made the mistake of asking for gravy in Banbury, 'down south', and, such was the look of confusion on the cafe lady's face, I had to apologise and explain I was a Northerner!

Suitably refreshed, and after another short stroll, we headed for home. But what was that we spied in a field? I quickly pulled over.

Of course, little lambs! Aah! Had to get a photo of those in here :-)

A lovely day out and a small souvenir to remind us and to add to my nautical collection :-)


  1. Beautiful trip- wonderful photos! I love the one with the train...and such a nice sandy beach!I also love the overall landscape! So different from my country!

  2. Lovely photos. I've never been but it looks like my kind of place. I love a day out by the sea, and I always have to have mushy peas with my fish and chips, always. x

  3. Looks like a really lovely place. The photos you have taken are wonderful and I love your new souvenir.
    M x

  4. Looks like a lovely place. I think I love an estuary even more than a beach.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos and a lovely place to visit. I always like to stop and look at the lambs too, they're adorable. I'm afraid I'm with your American friend about the mushy peas, to me it just seems strange that you'd go to the trouble of mashing something that's already so small but I'd happily have either the fish and chips or the mushroom pie.

  6. Lovely pics from my home county. I spent a day at Arnside last time I was home too- it's a cute little place. I totally agree though- Fish and chips have to have mushy peas!