Sunday, 28 April 2013


Hope you've enjoyed your weekend so far. We've had a quiet one as I've felt very tired this week - don't know if it's the remnants of my cold or having to get up at 6 again for work after my week off! Anyway, I've got a few random photos for you, taken during the week.

First up, do you remember a few weeks back I wrote about the Quilters Guild Regional Day and was asked to submit a photo of my 'Chickpeas flower garden' quilt for the Newsletter? Well, it arrived this week and I was surprised and thrilled to find that it made the back cover! I'd only been expecting a small photo in the insert in the middle!

I've had the quilting urge all week and have been working on another quilt design by Elizabeth Wall. The front is more interesting - honest! The quilting was finished today and I've just started sewing on the binding. With any luck it will be ready to show you next week.

(Sorry, disgusting photo alert!)

The ducks are still finding my roof the best place to keep an eye on things and are up there most mornings when I set out for work. One morning I opened the curtains to find this broken egg outside the patio doors. I don't know what left it there but the egg and its contents were gone when I came home. The two eggs are still under the bush at the front of the house and have definitely been abandoned. However, elsewhere, the ducks must have had more luck because, look...

Ducklings! We spotted this brood of seven this morning, the first of the year, and got very excited. So cute! I never get tired of of looking at them.

There's new life all around. I've been eagerly checking on my seeds every day and was amazed to find that some have already started to produce seedlings. After previously saying that I usually have no luck at all with basil, they have miraculously sprouted on my kitchen window sill. The courgette and sugar snap peas are also sprouting, as are the stock.

I bought a pack of petunias today at the supermarket. I couldn't resist the cheerful candy stripe colours. Tasteful? Possibly not. Bright and happy? Most definitely.

To finish, I thought I'd show you this beauty. Andy from work has a passion for bonsai and regularly brings in different ones to show us. This flowering cherry was just stunning.

As was this acer. Andy's so talented.

And that's it. Next weekend is going to be a busy one as it's Chickpea's birthday and we have her boyfriend and his parents coming to dinner. I've also got her cake to make. However, before that, I'll be back with another challenge entry. See you soon. x


  1. Lovely photos! I still can't get over those ducks living near you!I love petunias, too!Happy week!

  2. I always really enjoy your duck photos!
    M x

  3. I am tickled for you that your quilt made that back cover!
    And I wonder if you could contact someone who knows about ducks and ask them about how the ducks lay eggs in your garden and then abandons them? Perhaps they might have a suggestion for you!

  4. Lovely photos, cute ducks and an enviable quilt- its very pretty :)

  5. Well done on making the back cover with your quilt, how exciting! I have been equally encouraged to see shoots and seedlings emerging in my garden. x

  6. I look forward to seeing the front of your quilt but I'm also glad you've shown the back as I always wonder what the back of any work looks like.