Sunday, 12 May 2013

Flowers, foliage and feathers

After thinking that Spring would never arrive, there's so much around to photograph at the moment that I wanted to capture and record it. Here are a few photos taken over the last couple of weeks.

This lovely tree is in a neighbour's garden, though I'm not entirely sure what it is.

Camelia in another neighbour's garden.

There's no such thing as too many cherry blossom photos at this time of year! This one was taken over the Bank Holiday weekend when we had the gorgeous weather and blue skies.

And this was taken yesterday. What a difference a week makes as all the blossoms are now in full bloom. A pity then that the weather and light hasn't been kind so that I could get a decent photo.

Lighting up another local garden was this golden berberis.

The one in my own garden is much more delicate.

These aquilegia are also in my garden and line the fence along the driveway. They're not as decorative as other aquilegia I've seen, until you look underneath.

And then you can see all the dainty, delicate beauty of the petals.

The foliage is just as lovely at the moment, all fresh and bright green. I love how alchemilla gathers raindrops into little bubbles of water.

I spotted this fern near work and could have used it for the 'curl' category in the Scavenger Hunt if I'd seen it in time.

Down by the lake there are lots of willow and I've taken so many photos it was really hard to choose. I loved the combination of the bright yellow and the blue sky in this one though.

And the fluffy buds in this one.

There's also a lot of activity on the lake at the moment. Great-Crested Grebes stop by from time to time but usually only two at the most. This spring we've had three. They don't hang around for long though and don't breed here.

There's only one swan on the lake after having nine at one point. S/he looked so beautiful lit up by the setting sun.

For the first time in many years, a pair of Moorhens are nesting. We're eagerly waiting to see if they're successful. I'll have to figure out what to call the babies by then - moorchicks?

There's not just water birds around the lake: there are several pied wagtails darting around on the shoreline.

But, of course I couldn't leave you without a duck update. This handsome chap was on my fence one morning. He and his lady friend are regular visitors at the moment and I wonder if they're the same ones who keep sitting on the roof.

Duckling sightings are increasing. This Mum had 14 fluffy bundles. I don't know whether I should tell you that a couple of days later, there were only 11.

Ducklings are lively little things!

But eventually they need to rest and have a cuddle with Mum. I was amused and delighted watching these ducklings clambering over each other, pushing their Mum this way and that trying to get under her wings. So sweet!

Looks like they're getting a little too big to fit: Mother duck can barely sit down!


Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. It's been pretty wet here but it didn't bother us too much as our activities have been mostly inside: the theatre yesterday (a play you probably won't know 'Can't Pay, Won't Pay') and the new Star Trek movie today - both excellent. I've also started a new knitting project which I'll share at some point.

Finally, thank you all so much for the lovely, lovely comments lately - they really do make my day and make me laugh a lot of the time too! And also welcome to my new readers and followers - I'm really enjoying meeting you all. x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love the cherry blossom and always love your duck photos! I am a little envious of your spring weather though! We have had rain and wind since Tuesday here!
    Marianne x

  2. Such pretty pictures, pity we don't still have the blue skies. Sarah x

  3. Beautiful photos and what an explosion of colour. We've had a few days of bright blue sky and some sunshine but it's all gone and instead we now have wind and rain :-(

  4. Your blossom photos are really fabulous! I think everything is enjoying the blossom this year so much more than usual as spring was so late to arrive. x

  5. It seems the blossom has all suddenly appeared, almost overnight! You got some fantastic photos of it all and I like the birdy ones too of course! I haven't seen any ducklings yet this year yet.

  6. What beautiful pics, the blossoms and the aquileglia are lovely. The ducks are just toooo cute too!