Friday, 31 May 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt: May

Joining in with Greenthumb at Made with Love again for this month's Scavenger Hunt.

Aqua : Lots of aqua at Niagara Falls. The picture quality isn't great as I didn't have a digital camera when we visited so this photo had to be scanned. For me, this was the most difficult of the words to find.

4 : Dandelions.

Something patriotic : The Queen! Well, it doesn't get more patriotic than that! Taken last year while she was on her Jubilee tour.

Door : A house at Arnside.

Skyline : Manchester seen from Cloud 23 where I met some friends for afternoon tea.

Map : Preston city centre.

Lines : Railway lines at a local station.

Washing : Starlings washing themselves in the lake

Flag : Golf course.

Broken : Terracotta pot in my garden. One of the many which didn't make it through the winter.

Keys : Piano.

Construction : Rebuilding and repurposing a derelict church which had also been damaged by fire.

I don't know about the other participants but I found some of this month's selection of words quite challenging: well, at least to find interesting interpretations. But I guess that's part of the fun and I'm looking forward to finding out next month's selection. If you'd like to see how others have interpreted the words, pop over to see the list of participants. x


  1. Although challenging, you made it! Beautiful photos!

  2. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt you have taken some really great photos, I really like construction, skyline and door. Greenthumb

  3. I found one or two tricky too. You've taken some great photos though - the skyline is great and that door is really beautiful! I have the same thing for washing!

  4. I love the door and Manchester skyline is great, not sure I could go that far up : )

  5. I love the starling picture but they are all great pictures, what a wonderful idea. Sarah x

  6. I love your scavenger hunt photos! I am quite in love with that door actually! Love the piano keys picture.
    M x

  7. I love the starlings washing - great little birds!

  8. Even though challenging you found them all! I thought the flag was hard, saw lots but none were in good places to get a good photo

  9. I love the door and Construction. Glad you liked my knickers!

  10. Julie... Awesome photos... Such a pleasant coincidence when I find similarities between my photos and another's.. Even though we have an ocean between us... Piano keys and birds bathing. Your Manchester skyline.. The home of our fav soccer team, Manchester United. The name of the very small Georgia USA city I grew up in... Preston. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit! Happy Weekend! Susan

  11. Hi Julie! It turns out that we have internet in the lobby of the funky old hotel we are staying at in Honolulu. I loved your photos ~ the starlings washing were so cute. The perspective on your construction picture is excellent. I always struggle with photos like that. The Queen for patriotic was awesome. As a Canadian, I have a special place in my heart for her! Take care!

  12. Really good photos,love them all. We both have rail lines.x

  13. What great photos. Fantastic patriotic picture- can't get any more so than that- And your action shot of the starlings is great :)

  14. Brilliant, love these. Is there no time frame on the photos? I thought they had to be taken during the month of the challenge. Either way it looks like a lot of fun. I might give it a go. x

    1. Ideally I think you're supposed to take the photos in the month of the challenge but if you can't find a particular word, you can use an old photo. I did find photos for all the words but in the end I decided to use ones which were more interesting.

  15. Great photos, love door and lines!
    Yes I had trouble getting interesting photos for this month's too.

  16. I love your photo for Skyline and that door is beautiful.