Friday, 6 September 2013


I've often thought I should write a book called '101 ways with a courgette'. Our single plant has been in overdrive this summer with all the lovely weather we've had. Although, courgettes seem to do their thing in abundance no matter how rainy or sunny it gets. Not that I mind as I love them but Chickpea has done her usual theatrical sighing every time one enters the house.

The first few are a novelty but it can then become difficult thinking of different ways to use them. In case you too are struggling to come up with ever more inventive ways to cook your courgettes, here's a few of the ways we've enjoyed our harvest this year.

Fried with rosemary and garlic to accompany lamb chops, houmous and green pepper (an odd choice I know but I just happened to have one which needed using up).

With chicken, sundried tomatoes and pasta.

With griddled halloumi, asparagus and salad leaves.

Halloumi again but this time with giant couscous and roasted vegetables.

Sausage, tomato and pasta.

And last but definitely not least, Green Thai prawn curry.

You may have noticed there are no sweet recipes here. Well, I do have an American recipe for courgette cake which uses maple syrup, but you'll have to wait for that until next time. x


  1. I've used them, grated in a nut bread - just like banana bread - delicious. I grind them and make sweet pickle relish - or slice them and make bread and butter pickles - no one can tell they are not cucumber pickles or relish.

  2. WOW!I love the colours!And the courgettes of course!

  3. Julie, your food looks delicious, and you certainly have a talent for plating food and photographing it. Here in Colorado, we call courgettes "summer squash." I sympathize with Chickpea, once squash plants start producing, there seems to be no stopping! Have a good weekend!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous photos and food- definitely worthy of recipe book status:) Great meals, they look fantastic.

  5. Oh I love courgettes and all your meals look wonderful! Have you tried Jamie Oliver's recipe for courgette carbonara? It's not the healthiest but is seriously yummy.
    Marianne xx

  6. Each and every one of those meals looks mouthwatering, and so full of colour. We noticed on holiday how many yellow courgettes there were in the markets, but here we never see them in the supermarkets, which is a shame as they are the most beautiful colour. x

  7. Fundy Blue is right, we call this squash in America!
    Now, I know squash is a orangey children's drink in England, but of course, you know I always have some when I am there! (I like Ribena too.)

    Your dishes look yummy, by the way.

  8. I am never sure if courgettes are the same as summer squash or zucchini here in the States? I do have a few good recipes for them, but yours look very elegant and delicious:)