Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lemon & maple syrup courgette cake

Last time I said I'd share the recipe for this courgette cake which I've made several times and is always reliable. It comes from the Maple Syrup Cookbook by Ken Haedrich which was given to me by my penfriend several years ago. Being American, the book uses cup measures but I've converted it all into standard measurements for you.

3 eggs
240ml maple syrup
120ml vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
Zest of 1 lemon
100g grated courgette
300g plain flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/160 Fan/Gas 4.
  2. Beat the eggs for 2 minutes, then gradually add the maple syrup, oil, vanilla extract and lemon zest. 
  3. Add the flour, baking powder and salt and stir until just combined. Pour into a prepared tin - I usually use a 1lb loaf tin with a ready-made liner but used a round tin this time so that it could be filled with lemon curd.
  4. Bake for 50-60 minutes.

De-licious. Well, usually anyway. This time I used some roasted pecan pancake syrup which needed using up - we weren't keen on it as a pancake syrup but I thought the pecan might add a little something extra. However, although the texture of the cake was fine, it lacked flavour so I'll be sticking to maple syrup in future. To add some extra flavour, I split the cake and filled it with lemon curd and also drizzled it with lemon syrup (warm lemon juice and sugar).

So, that's my courgette cake recipe. Do you have one you could recommend? I actually made another one yesterday which includes chocolate but I'll tell you about it another time. First it's back to our travels. x


  1. It looks wonderful.I'm wondering if the maple syrup could be replaced by honey, since it's difficult to find it here. What do you think?

    1. I've used honey in cakes before instead of sugar so it should work. You may have to adjust the quantities though as I think honey might be a bit heavier than maple syrup. Sounds like it would be delicious though - I might give it a try myself! xx

  2. That sounds really yummy, must give it a try sometime
    Joy xx

  3. mmm Sounds good and very interesting all at the same time:)

  4. I once made a chocolate and courgette cake and it was lovely and moist. Your cake looks and sounds delicious, I'll have to try it sometime.

  5. Oh yum, I like the sound of this! Thanks for sharing.
    Marianne x

  6. That looks so good. I don't think i've ever used maple syrup in a cake before, I'm quite keen to try it. x

  7. WOW! That looks delightful! Adding maple syrup is a brilliant touch!