Thursday, 6 February 2014

Back to the woods

Sunday dawned into a gloriously sunny day and, to my utter amazement, Chickpea asked if we could go for a walk in the woods again. After picking myself up and checking her head for fever, I realised she was serious. Unable to pass up the chance to take her willingly into the fresh air, off we set in our muddy wellies, sweeties in pockets.

It wasn't long before we spotted a bridge across the brook and steps leading upwards. Being a curious type, I'd found it incredibly hard to resist following all the little paths which lead off the main path on our previous visit, so we decided to see where it would take us. We emerged into a field and a track leading along the edge of the ridge looking down onto the woods.

It was really warm in the sunshine in the shelter of the trees and I was surprised to see this yellow gorse already in flower.

I wasn't surprised to see more fungi after spotting so many varieties last time. Back down in the woods we came across even more.

I particularly loved the bright orange of this one in the sunlight. I'm rapidly becoming a fungi fan!

There were other signs of life appearing under the trees too: daffodils and, I think, bluebells. It's going to look spectacular in a month or so.

And there was also a tree covered in long catkins.

They really glowed golden against that amazing blue sky. Just look at that blue - it could be the middle of summer!

The plants weren't the only kind of nature to be found in the woods though.

Blimey, what's a meerkat doing in deepest Lancashire?! Spotting 'woodland' creatures is one of our new favourite things to do :)

But he wasn't the star of the show. When we visited the woods a couple of weeks ago, the birds stayed well hidden at the tips of the tallest branches. This time, the sun brought them out and we easily spotted blue and great tits and robins. We're also pretty sure it wasn't just our imagination hearing a woodpecker. However, Chickpea, eagle-eyed, spotted this little gem...

A tree creeper! I can't tell you how excited I was! It absolutely made my day and particularly so when I got home and found that I'd managed to get a decent photo after clicking madly and hoping for the best.

It's fairly safe to say we'll be back there again very soon :)

Before I go, I'll leave you with one last photo, taken on Monday morning about 7.30. The lighter mornings are becoming really noticeable now and dawn has been breaking around the time I'm leaving the house for work.

I'll be back at the weekend with the first update on my Cookery Book Challenge. x


  1. What a great walk, so many lovely moments and photos. A fantastic sky too.

  2. Well spotted on the meerkat, but did you notice what the tree creeper is sitting on? It is the face of a man with a big fluffy beard!! It is lovely to see so many signs of spring coming along, and the fungi are amazing aren't they, I can see why you like spotting them! Hope that you have a good weekend. xx

    1. Yes, I can see him with his bushy eyebrows too - well spotted! x

  3. Yes, reading the comment above, the tree creeper is on a bearded man!
    Great photos, I really enjoyed them. It's not easy to get shots of birds, they move so quickly!

  4. I love the fungi - some of them look like fairy condos. I especially like the very flat greenish ones. Lovely lovely sky.

  5. What wonderful photos! Thank you for including us in your woodland adventure - the meerkat made me smile...and the tree creeper! Fantastic to spot that little fellow! Chrissie x

  6. Hi Julie, fab photos as the Meerkat! I think we might have to adopt that little game of spotting 'creatures' on our walks too!
    Marianne x

  7. i would love to go walking about in the woods on what looks like a beautiful day. wonderful shots here, especially the last one.

  8. Beautiful. You can't beat a winter woodland walk, especially if it's on one of the few sunny days we've had. The sunrises catch my eye every morning too, we've had some beauties lately. x

  9. Hello Julie, this is my first visit to your blog (but certainly won't be the last!).
    I have "seen" you over at Kay's (Georgia Girl with an English Heart) and decided to have a look. What a lovely walk in the woods! The "meerkat" is great, and the sunset is just breathtakingly beautiful.
    We have something looking very similar to the yellow gorse over here, but it isn't gorse, it is called winter jasmine here.

    1. Oops. Not a sunset at all, but sunrise.