Friday, 18 July 2014

Tea cup posy

Something different to share with you today as a change from our staycation travels, though I'm glad you've been enjoying our adventures so much :)

It was Mum's birthday on Tuesday and I decided to make her present myself this year. I'd seen some tea cup posies on our travels a while back and have been gathering together bits and pieces to use. The cups came from second hand stalls on the market and cost about £1 each. The one on the right was originally destined to be a tea cup candle and still might, but I decided to make two posies and see which turned out the best.

First the oasis. A necessary evil but I hate touching this stuff. It feels so horrible, crumbles all over the place and sticks to your hands and everything else! Clearly I'm never going to be a florist.

Anyway, that part over with, the fun part can begin of sticking in carefully arranging flowers and foliage.

Posy number 1. I liked the combination of colours and flowers but wasn't sure about the height of the design.

Posy number 2: I tried to keep this one much more compact and thought the size and shape worked better. So much so that I decided to scrap Posy 1 and start again.

Posy number 3: Much better. Same flowers but a more compact design.

Seeing them both together, I think Posy 2 needs filling out with more foliage/flowers now.

So, Mum received the posy on the left for her birthday and seemed thrilled with it. She apparently took it to the next door neighbour to show it off which is always a good sign!

Next time, some real flowers and some vegetables too in an update on our garden. Hope you have plans for a lovely weekend. We're going on a haunted underworld tour of Manchester tomorrow - wish us luck! x


  1. That's a love idea and it looks great. I agree about one being to tall and one needing a bit more. Strangely, my sister also can't stand to touch oasis and she actually used to be a florist! She never touched the oasis with her bare hands!

  2. They look lovely, mums like home made gifts the best...
    Amanda xxx

  3. What a brilliant idea, I do like your posies the colours are stunning. I'm so pleased your Mum was thrilled.

  4. Really great.I think the cups are larger than what my perception was in the picture with them empty. Admit it you did 2 with the thought of one being your own anyhow :).
    The haunted tour looks inviting.

  5. what a clever clever idea - I just put some oasis on my shopping list for today - can't wait to make some of my own pretty teacup posies. Our weekend is going to be rainy and pleasant - gotta love the Pacific Northwest summer rains - we'll do a little shopping and then hearing aid test for Don and back home to bake bread for the freezer and cookies for now - and for the freezer. Great weekend. Enjoy your tour.

  6. I really like all three versions!! Love the idea of the teacup too, and then it makes a nice gift for the person to keep afterwards doesn't it. I hope that the tour isn't too scary!! xx

  7. They are so pretty! I agree, the two more compact designs work better. Like you, I can't bear oasis. But I remember my Grandma used to use it to create the most enormous, OTT flower arrangements for her home and I would watch fascinated while she arranged them. She used to do the church flowers and I think she only knew how to to huge, symmetrical displays. She'd think we were bonkers for putting posies in jam tastes change. x