Sunday, 24 August 2014

Blackberry, lime & white chocolate fool

One of our favourite late summer activities is to go blackberry picking and the hedgerows and fields are full of them at the moment. We collected a container full earlier this week but it's so tempting to bring some home every time we go walking.

Just in case you're finding all of this free fruit irresistible too, I thought I'd share with you one of our all-time favourite recipes for using them up: blackberry and white chocolate fool. The original was torn from a long-forgotten magazine and I've made it many times, adapting the flavourings and method to something that works for me every time. This week I decided to add a refreshing hint of lime.

Blackberry, lime and white chocolate fool

First, make a puree.

400g blackberries
75g soft brown sugar
finely grated zest and juice of 1 lime

1. Put the blackberries, sugar, zest and juice in a pan.
2. Heat until the berries are very soft, then push through a sieve. Discard the seeds and let the puree cool.

You can make the puree a couple of days in advance and leave in the fridge until you're ready to make the fool.

250g white chocolate
150ml Greek yoghurt
200ml double cream

3. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over simmering water and leave to cool slightly.
4. Stir in the Greek yoghurt until well mixed.
5. Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks and gently fold it into the chocolate mix.
6. Give the puree a good stir to make sure all the liquid and thicker bits are thoroughly mixed together. Now add to the chocolate cream mixture a few tablespoons at a time, folding in gently. Keep tasting after each batch until you get the desired flavour. You may not need to add all the puree.
7. Divide between individual glasses and chill well until ready to serve.

Mmmmmmmmmmm! So, so good! We never get tired of this recipe and you can guarantee I'll be making it again many, many times. We're having some for dessert tonight and I can't wait!

If you still have some blackberries left, how about this Blackberry and Cinnamon cake recipe which I also made this week.

The kitchen filled with the most amazing cinnamon smell as it cooked. The cake itself is lovely and moist with a slightly crisp top. Another keeper though, if I made it again, I'd use bought blackberries as the wild ones were a bit too seedy. The original is by Ursula Ferrigno and was in Good Food magazine but you can find the recipe here.


Hope you're enjoying your weekend. We headed back up into the hills around Rivington today and had a lovely day exploring in the fresh air and sunshine. The weather doesn't sound promising tomorrow but that's ok as I have quilting and crafting planned. For now though, I'm off to eat blackberry fool! x


  1. ooh both of those recipes sound delicious, especially the one with cinnamon, I'm really into cinnamon at the moment (I go through food phases!). Lovely view in the last photo too.

  2. We picked blackberries today too - maybe I'll have to make some blackberry fool - sounds so good.

  3. I love fruit fools, they are always delicious, I never thought of adding chocolate though, that must make it even better!!! I hope that you had a nice day at Rivington. xx

  4. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering! Honestly!
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I am a fool for your blackberry fool!
    And it is gluten free too! (And I could make a gluten free cake to go with it!)

  5. Your cake looks lovely, going to give this one a go. Just bought a new mixer... Back at work full time now after the summer holl's , find it hard to fit everything in after having so much time off, could do with a few more hours in each day...
    Amanda xxx

  6. Love the colour of the blackberry fool...such a pretty colour! Both the fool and cake look delicious, actually your recipes and good posts always look fantastic actually. We call blackberries brambles here and you have really put me in the mood to go bramble picking now!
    Marianne x