Sunday, 3 August 2014


Today, I'm taking you back to July for our next outing, a day trip to the coast. Last year I wrote about our visit to Arnside and today our destination was Silverdale, just a few miles south.

You'll have noticed in my Scavenger Hunt entry that there were a couple of photos taken in Silverdale. One of the places we wanted to visit was the Wolfhouse Gallery. The last time I'd been here was many years ago when I spent the summer volunteering at the nearby RSPB Leighton Moss reserve. I remembered it as having a lovely atmosphere and lots of interesting art and crafts for sale. The decor has changed but the atmosphere is the same.

The cafe used to be in the same building as the gallery but is now separate. I'd highly recommend a visit as the cakes are amazing! Well, mine was anyway: strawberry and passionfruit and one of the nicest cakes I've ever eaten!

Suitably refreshed it was time to start our walk. This is Gibraltar Farm.

And this is Lindeth Tower. The Victorian writer, Elizabeth Gaskell, holidayed in both the farm and tower in the 1840s and 50s. There's an article here which gives more of the history of the tower and has a couple of photos of the interior.

We carried on down the lane...

before turning off onto the limestone cliffs of Jack Scout.

Just as you enter, there are the remains of a limekiln where slaked lime was made for use in building and agriculture.

The information board shows you how it would have looked when in use.

Onwards, following the path through the trees towards the coast.

In one of the trees I spotted this yarn-bombing! Such an odd place to find it!

Carrying on along the path there was a tantalising glimpse of the sea.

Limestone crags up to your left.

And falling steeply away to the beach on your right, as the path meanders around the promontory.

I think the buildings in the distance are part of Grange-over-Sands.

Finally, you emerge to a full view of Morecambe Bay and the vast expanse of sand, sea and sky.

Isn't it funny how people have completely different reactions to things. When I look at these views, it's as if my whole body sighs. I feel calm and relaxed and could sit and look at it for hours. Chickpea, on the other hand, is unmoved by it all, finding it 'boring, empty and lonely'. She also doesn't like the smell of the sea! Isn't that one of the best bits? Too bad, I'm going to carry on dragging her to the coast anyway, as well as walking in the woods which is her favourite place to be: she gets the same sense of calm amongst the trees. I love trees and the countryside too but it's the sea which is my first love. Well, looking at it, not being in or on it!

Anyway, back to the walk. I think this is wild thyme. If I'd identified it at the time, I'd have given the leaves a good rub to release their scent.

And this is Lady's bedstraw. I do love it when plants have poetic names!

Can you see how the tree/shrub on the left has grown bent over because of the strong winds which come off the sea? Luckily, it was a lovely day with only a light breeze while we were there but it clearly gets quite wild!


At last, a path down to the beach.


I clambered over these rocks but Chickpea is less sure of foot and refused to follow. All the rocks are the remains of an ill-fated land reclamation scheme of the 1800s. I'm not sure why it failed but Morecambe Bay is notorious for quicksand and fast moving tides.

Partly for that reason (and I didn't know the tide times), we only had a brief walk on the edge of the beach before heading back up into Jack Scout and through the gate back to the lane.

Further up the lane we arrived at Jenny Brown's Point.

Where there's a well-positioned bench.

This is where we ended our morning walk. You can carry on around the corner and follow a circular route back to Wolfhouse Gallery but we were getting hungry and decided to take the shorter route back along the lane.

Taking time to admire a goldfinch posing in the sunshine.

This is the bench where we ate our picnic and where we found the memorial paving stone for Ted, that I showed you in the Scavenger Hunt: Ted who never tired of the view.

And here's that view again. There's a camp/caravan site at Gibraltar Farm on the left and the views must be pretty spectacular from there too.

After lunch, we decided to head down into the village towards the shore, past these pretty cottages.

And I loved this red door with all the heart decorations.

Down on the shore, I spotted more yarn-bombing...

...some common sea-lavender...

...and several oyster-catchers.

We started off near the cottages and only managed to walk this short stretch along the shore before, all too soon, it was time to head for home. We'll definitely be back again to soak up more of those glorious views and also to explore some of the other footpaths in the area which take you through Chickpea's favourite place, the woods.

Talking of Chickpea, what do you think was her favourite moment of the day?

Yep, she got to stroke a local cat :)


It's been a quiet few days even though it has also been my birthday! Whaddya know, 21 again! For various reasons, mainly health and scheduling, I wanted a quiet time this year but received some lovely gifts and cards from family and friends. Another year older but no more wiser :) x


  1. Hello Julie

    Thank you so much for sharing your spectacular pictures, I truly feel as if I was walking along and enjoying the walk with you. I live beside the sea and love, love it.


  2. Happy Birthday!! It was lovely to go along with your walk, and I did not find it boring at all! I hope that you have a great year ahead. xx

  3. Oh! Happy Birthday to you! (I am singing this but you don't know it, lucky you! HA HA)
    I am with you, I love that expanse of sky, sea and sand...that just makes me so calm and at peace.
    I love all the photos that you have shared here. You really make me want to see England right now!! xx

  4. Happy Birthday Julie, Silverdale looks stunning, in fact I have gone straight on to look at having a little holiday there before September..Love the photo of the red door and.. just love it all..
    Amanda xxx

  5. Happy Birthday... mine is in August too :)

    Those cakes at the beginning look so good (the one at the ends looks good too!) and Silverdale looks like a beautiful place - another place to add to my ever growing list!

  6. Wishing you a belated Very Happy Birthday lovely Julie, your cake looked yummy. I so enjoyed the photos you shared today, so green and lush and I have fallen a little bit in love with that wee red door.
    Marianne x