Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt : September

September has gone by in a flash and it's already time for the monthly Scavenger Hunt organised by Jill at Made with Love. I found it a little easier this month though I only took the last couple at the weekend. Here's my entry.

S is for : Swings on the local playground.

2pm : Saturday 27 September, waiting for the train to Southport.

Car park : The National Trust car park at Formby.

Hat : Keeping the sun off watching a bowling competition. My Dad is one of the men on the green.

In the mirror : The latest collections in Next.

Garden : Mum and Dad's front garden.

Lock : I don't think anyone has opened this lock in a while.

Nails : Rusty old nails from my parents' garage. They've just had the roof replaced.

Lamp : Pretty stained glass lamps outside a local house.

Street sign : Take care - children and ducks crossing!

Game : This was a window display in a local charity shop. I almost used it for lamp but liked the use of the monopoly board as the table top.

Outside your window : An unidentified moth not just outside my window but also on my window!

Edited to add: Thanks to Louise for identifying it as a Large Yellow Underwing.

If you feel inspired to join in, you can find all the categories for October here. x


  1. Fantastic collection! I'm pretty sure that moth is called a heart and dart, but google that to check! I love the 'table' in the CS window... that's one way to solve shelf space problems. I was hoping to find some 'sticking up nails' for my photo, but had no luck. I'll look forward to hearing about Formby... I thought the red squirrel place had closed to the public, but after the teaser photo at the end of your last post, I guess I was wrong. Dave's mum lives in Neston, on the Wirral, so we went to Formby about 6 years or so ago and I loved it. I'd like to re-visit.

    1. Just realised it's a large yellow underwing, not a H&D moth - silly me, brain not in gear! When they open their wings they reveal a flash of yellow on the underwings, a warning to predators, hence the name.

  2. Lovely set of photos, the old lock is great, and like the display in the second hand shop. Could make quite a few tables with my books :)
    Amanda xx

  3. Lovely photos as always Julie. Love the old lock and the hat.
    Marianne x

  4. These are great, Julie! I got such a kick out of the street sign. People are posting all these cool locks, including you! Have a good one! x

  5. Such a lot of colour in your mum and dad's garden, mine has mostly finished now, except for the Michaelmas daisies. x

  6. Great photos, especially swings and lock!

  7. Oh, I just love that one for Game! What a clever window display. I also love Garden, and the rugged old Lock.

  8. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. Nails, lock, hat and S are great. Greenthumb

  9. I love game! What a great window display x

  10. Great finds, I like the window display especially, that is great isn't it. xx

  11. I'm always tempted to join in with these, and love to see how different people interpret the same words. That photo of the old lock is great, and I love that original window display with the books and lamp. x

  12. I enjoyed looking at your wonderful selection of photos. The stained glass lamp is eye catching, and must look lovely when lit. That is one crusty old lock that will remain locked! Compliments to your parents on their bright and tidy garden :) I also love the look of the window display... hope someone doesn't decide to pluck a book ;)

  13. GREAT photos!!! I love the rusty lock- it's so grubby!!! The nails look pretty grim too- you captured the rust brilliantly, such a textured shot! The duck sign is really cool and that front garden is immaculate!!! Wow!x

  14. Great interpretations - love the monopoly game board.