Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lately I've been...

...Crocheting. I've completed the main part of the blanket and have just started work on the border. Only 3 rows to go!

...Reading. I'd seen lots of reviews of this which was being billed as the new 'Gone Girl'. I don't know about that but I did find it a good page-turner.

...Baking. I made these chocolate, cherry and almond muffins yesterday to use up those half-finished packets of ingredients which linger at the back of the cupboard. The combination of flavours was good but I wish I'd stuck to my usual base recipe (which I used to make these).

...Colouring. I've just treated myself to this colouring book and a set of pencils. So soothing.

...Admiring. This miniature narcissus, Rip Van Winkle (brilliant name!), was a gift from Secret Santa and I love it!

...Planning. Yesterday I saw a man about a new fence. The picture says it all really.

...Walking. I had a quick walk through a small wood yesterday enjoying the warm sunshine. I actually went out with no coat on! It really did feel like spring is almost here.

The woods are still very bare but there are a few signs of new growth. I'm particularly excited about the wild garlic because I can't wait to make some of my pesto again.

So that's a taste of what I've been up to. Just so you don't think I'm a complete billy no-mates, I've also met up with friends but don't have any pictures! I've also been quilting and have a couple of things to show you next time.

Today, Chickpea and I were going to go to the pictures to see Still Alice. However, it turns out that even though we have several cinemas nearby, not a single one is showing it! Very frustrating. Instead we're probably going to a garden centre. Have a lovely day wherever you are. x


  1. Hello Julie

    I love your crochet blanket, the vibrant colours are stunning and blend so well.
    I must check out your book, it looks intriging. I love "colouring in" as it's so calming,
    and such mouthwatering makes.


  2. Hi Julie, just loving the crochet blanket, and I do like your colouring book, there are really some good ones about at the moment, holding pencils make my hand's hurt so have not coloured for a while. We still need a few more weeks before the wood starts to change colour, its nice to see the wild garlic coming through.
    Amanda xx

  3. Love all your activities - especially the walk, and the coloring pages and pencils.

  4. I was looking at those colouring books in Waterstones yesterday, I was tempted! Lovely photos from your walk!

  5. Wonderful things - well apart from the fence needing repair of course! - the muffins look especially delicious don't they!! xx

  6. Garlic pesto, now you're talking! And the colours on your blanket are stunning :-) xx

  7. The blanket will take no time to finish now. Funnily enough, I finished mine last week too. I saw that colouring book earlier this week and considered it, however, with so many WiP's on my mind, I thought this would distract me too much x

  8. I'm quite in love with your blanket Julie...the colours are stunning. I like the sound of the book you're reading...I watched the movie of Gone Girl with friends recently. I was on the edge of my seat! I hadn't read the book though. Hope you have a lovely week.
    Marianne x

  9. Beautiful blanket, such vibrant spring colors! I am sure it will look beautiful in your home. wonderful baking, reading, and seeing spring unfold. thank you Iowa, USA

  10. Love the blanket. And I have a colouring book too! X

  11. That blanket is looking absolutely gorgeous - so colourful! I was given that colouring book for my birthday but Bella's "borrowed" it. I doubt I'll ever get it back. x

  12. Your blanket is so lovely with the bright colors. And I love the coloring book. I've recently discovered watercolor pencils and I'm having so much fun creating my artwork. Have a great day.

  13. Loving all of your photos. Strangely enough I looked at a Narcissi in the garden centre this week because it was such a lovely was a Rip Van Winkle too!

  14. We really do love the same things! COLORING! Don't even get me started! I even doodle little figures and flowers and color them in on notes that I write to people at work! If I sign a card without one of my colored in flowers, people don't know it's me! :-)

  15. luvly luvly luvly pics.Ooooo that blanket and those colours STUNNING.Happy Weekend.