Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Photo scavenger hunt : March 2015

Joining in once again with the Scavenger Hunt organised by Jill at Made with Love. March was a pretty quiet month which is why I haven't been around much. I did get to spend a lovely day in Southport with my friend where I took several of the photos for the hunt.

Circle : Lights on the pier at Southport. Just look at that blue sky!

Card : My Mother's Day card from Chickpea, with the tulips and Emma Bridgewater mug she bought me :-)

Window : Stained glass window in a Victorian shopping arcade.

Art : Hand print paintings.

Skyline : Southport with Marine Lake in the foreground.

A favourite word : Chocolate!

Movement : A young man skateboarding.

Bathroom : Ornaments on my bathroom window sill.

Car : Not a great picture but it was the most interesting car I saw all month - an Austin Morris Traveller.

Plate : This willow pattern plate was on the wall of the Ladies in a cafe!

Something you made : Those Fifteens.

Whatever you want : Spring blossom.

Hope you enjoyed my entry. Why not hop over to the Scavenger Hunt site to see the other entries and for the list for April?

Next time I have my latest journal quilt to show you. xx


  1. Great selection of photos. Lovely to see the spring blossom and the scenes in Southport, I have the EB tulip mug too:)

  2. Hi Julie , lovely set of photos for this month. I like the first photo of the light at Southport, and we had a Austin Morris when we were kids, and I really must get round to making those cakes, did some baking yesterday and thought of you...
    Amanda xx

  3. Cute mug with pretty Tulips, lovely photos xx

  4. Great collection! I like the last photo best :)

  5. The blossom photo is glorious Julie.

  6. Lovely pictures. I might check out the April challenge. :)

  7. A lovely set of photos. Good to see the blue sky in some of your photos! Love your tulip mug, the tulips and the blossom.

  8. Great finds, I love the car and what beautiful blossom!! xx

  9. Hello, so nice to visit you today and see all your lovely pictures and creations. Those fifteens look so yummy! Great photos.

  10. I love the interpretations - and I'll have a piece of chocolate please.

  11. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of circle, art and whatever you want. Greenthumb.

  12. Great photos for the hunt! I love the blossoms, window, bath trinkets and that little car! Chocolate is a favourite (albeit dangerous) word in my house too ;)

  13. Your collection of photos really resonated with me, Julie! All sorts of memories are bubbling up! I must be in a pink mood today, because my eyes are feasting on the pink in everyone's collections. Your card photo with the tulips and mug oozes with the love of a thoughtful daughter! Happy Easter!

  14. Chocolate.Gotta love that. Enjoyed your choices. The hand print art? How fun was that to find.

  15. Suas fotos são lindas. Eu gosto do círculo, cartão, linha do horizonte, carro e flores.
    Feliz Páscoa e uma excelente semana!

  16. I've really enjoyed your photos and especially love the Austin Morris Traveler. Those Fifteens look good. Do you have the recipe to share, I'd be most appreciate.
    Have a great day.
    Anne xx

  17. Hi! How are you? Well, I hope! So glad to see this selection. The movement picture is great, I love the way you caught him on the curve! Ahgrh, I WANTED to take a pic of a Morris Woody too, I saw one TWICE in Northmberland but couldn't get my camera out quick enough!x