Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter weekend

Have you had a good Easter weekend? Ours has been a lovely mixture of inside and out. I went for a couple of walks in the area to see what was new in nature and saw my first butterflies of the year. A small tortoiseshell...

and a peacock.

Flowers are still few and far between but I did see plenty of daisies, lungwort and coltsfoot.

Thanks to Amanda of The Quiet Walker who is following a tree, I was also able to identify a group of larch trees. I'm going to try harder this year to identify trees in our area. I have the impression that there's mostly silver birch and willow but I'm sure I'll find more than that!

We also had a day out at Speke Hall but I'll save the photos for another time. This is a muddy view down to the river Mersey. It felt so good to be out under the warmth of sunshine and blue skies.

Homewise, as of today, I am the owner of a new fence! Is it normal to be excited about a fence?

Probably more understandable to be excited about cake. Parsnips were on special offer in Aldi so I decided to have a go at making parsnip cake, despite the fact that Chickpea hates them! I used this basic recipe but added my own flavourings of lemon, ginger and cardamom. Highly recommended and not a parsnip flavour in sight.


I finally finished my blanket! I used Lucy's cosy stripe pattern and yarn pack but added three of my own colours (a dark purple, bright pink and mustard yellow). I enjoyed making it so much that I've now started a ripple.

So I still have my journal quilt to show you and the photos from Speke Hall. I'm hoping to have more time soon as I'm only back at work for 4 days and then have 2 whole weeks off - I can't wait!

Enjoy the rest of this long weekend. xx


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. The weather has been great hasn't it?! I saw my first butterflies today - two small tortoiseshells. I heard my first chiffchaff today too. Your blanket looks great, I like the colours.

  2. Your blanket is fab! Love your Easter mantel too. The larch cones are incredible aren't they! xx

  3. Lovely photos - I"ll have to go look at the Larch Trees - I've never seen them up close - love the cones. And the butterflies - what fun!

  4. Thanks for the mention Julie, glad you found some Larch, the flowers in your photo look like little cup cakes.... Hope to post tree post tomorrow, running a little late with things..
    Have been baking, made your Fifteens, all gone in two days.. made Tea bread and Banana cake.
    Amanda xx

  5. Oh what lovely signs of spring and I envy you your colourful throw. The parsnip cake looks and sounds amazing. :)