Thursday, 30 April 2015

Photo scavenger hunt: April 2015

Another month, another Scavenger Hunt organised by Greenthumb at Made with Love. With the weather being fine and having two weeks off work, many of my contributions this month are from our travels.

Upside down : Pineapple upside-down cake from my favourite Clandestine Cake Club book. I made it specially for this category!

Clouds : Funnily enough, we've had lots of cloud-free days in April so this photo wasn't as easy to get as you'd expect.

Chair : In the Tudor Great Hall at Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire (post coming soon).

Something sweet : Those cute lambs on our walk at White Coppice.

Growth : Magnolia blossom at the park.

Glass : Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. 16th century stained glass at Speke Hall, Liverpool.

Bedroom : Another photo from Speke Hall.

Rain : One of the few days it rained in April. We'd just got back in the car after collecting wild garlic to make my pesto.

Egg : Large free-range eggs just about to be made into the upside-down cake.

Fresh : Fresh Cafe Deli in Rawtenstall.

Feet : The rather scary carved feet on a table in Speke Hall.

Whatever you want : One morning I was sitting having a cup of tea and heard a noise. At first I thought it was the next door neighbour but then it got louder and I realised a bird had fallen down the chimney and was behind our gas fire! A quick phone call to our gas engineer who said we had two choices: leave it to die (!) or have the fire disconnected so that the bird could be freed. No prizes for guessing which option I chose. The next thing I knew, Chickpea was shouting 'there's a bird in the living room'!! She'd heard fluttering, then saw a beak appear at the top of the fire before it suddenly shot out and flew around. Thankfully the starling must have seen light and managed to wriggle its way out. Our chimney has now had a guard fitted!

You can see the other entries and the categories for May on the Scavenger Hunt page. xx


  1. Great collection of photos! I'm glad the starling managed to find his way out. A couple of years ago, we stayed at Dave's parents house in Lancashire for a week in the summer whilst the parents were travelling and I'm so glad we were there that week as a young sparrow fell down the chimney one morning! We heard strange noises, opened the door and there it was! If we hadn't been there, no one would have been able to set it free. They had guards fitted after that, as it had happened before they went away too!

  2. Great finds! I love pineapple upside down pudding, yours looks delicious!!! Glad that you sorted the bird out! xx

  3. Cake looks yummy, might have to give it a go, we too have had a odd bird down the chimney glad yours came out alright . Bed room looks rather big would be odd sleeping some were like that. And love the photo of the lambs.
    Amanda xx

  4. The lambs are adorable. The poor birdie must have been so confused and I'm so glad you saved him. Have a great day.

  5. A lovely set of photos. The bedroom is amazing with that heavily-carved wooden bed. I like the photo for 'feet'! You must have been relieved that the bird escaped without injury.

  6. Fabulous. Pineapple Upside Down is my favourite of all deserts, Mum made it for me on the day we brought our daughter home from hospital. Some happy memories are associated with those pineapples and cherries!

  7. Great choices - love the pineapple upside down cake - and so glad the bird got free.

  8. I love your finds. The poor bird must have been petrified! I am so glad it managed to fly out. Take care x

  9. Excellent selection of photos but the best- obviously - goes with your bird story - so glad you chose to not let it die x

  10. Oh poor bird,SO glad you managed to rescue it!
    Oooh, I made wild garlic pesto (and did a post) as well- it was SO tasty!
    Well done on capturing some rain.
    Ha, the pineapple cake was a genius (and MOST dedicated!) touch- I love that portion photo of it!x

  11. Lovely photos. I love the ones in Rufford Old Hall and Speke Hall and the little lambs too. Your cake looks delicious and I'm glad the little bird was safe:)

  12. I love your interpretations of the catagorys! Especially the updide down cake.How clever! Gonna write mine up this eve.Though i think alot of mine will be from my archives.Will try harder next time! Glad the starling escaped unscathed.x

  13. Wonderful photos, Julie, and I love when you add the stories, like the one about the poor starling! It must have been so frightened, and I'm glad its story ended well. I love PUD cake; I used to make it a lot when I was a kid. Your photo made me salivate! Happy hunting next month! hugs!

  14. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. What a great group of photos. I really like feet. Growth, clouds. Greenthumb

  15. Genius photo for feet. Love the dear little lambs and your pineapple upside down cake. (also genius)
    That starling was resourceful, hope he didn't leave a deposit on your curtains.

  16. I bet your family was extremely grateful for your response to the Upside Down category :) It looks delicious. Your photos are wonderful ~ and so happy to hear the startled starling had a lucky escape!

  17. Julie, seu bolo de abacaxi parece delicioso, você capturou belas fotos.
    Impressionante a história e a foto do pássaro!
    Não poderia deixar de agradecer sua visita em meu blog e doce comentário.Minha filha se recupera bem, obrigada.