Friday, 24 April 2015

Botany Bay to White Coppice

It's nearing the end of my two weeks leave and I couldn't have picked better weeks for the weather. This week in particular has had several days of sunshine and we've made the most of it by going on walks. I recently picked up a leaflet for a Canal and Countryside walk called the Botany Bay Circular (you can download it here). The full walk is 11 miles but Chickpea and I decided to take on a small section up to the hamlet of White Coppice.

On a glorious spring day, we parked up at Botany Bay where the walk begins. Botany Bay is a former spinning mill built in 1855 which now houses eating and retail outlets.

The first part of the walk takes you a little way down the canal, just around the corner.

Then up and across the canal bridge and past the Lock & Quay pub. We later chatted to a man walking his dog who told us they do very good burgers (over 20 types according to their web site).

Now heading down Bagganley Lane...

...with goldfinch tweeting in the trees.

Over the ford bridge.

Towards Primrose Cottage. A pretty name but the solar panels have spoiled the character, even if they are eco-friendly.

The flowers growing along their wall were very pretty though.

As were the horses.

Following the footpath towards the houses you can see on the right.

The path skirts the edge of the small housing estate with open fields to your right.

Through the gate...

...and into open fields. I think the house in front of us is the unfortunately named Mouldy House Farm!

A little further on, the path takes us straight across this field.

The green of the fields was just stunning.

As was this beautiful farm house.

There's a better view of the farmhouse now. And where there's sheep, there's...

...lambs! So cute!


And finally we reach our destination, the tiny hamlet of White Coppice. Very small but picturesque and, do you know what? I didn't take any photos except this one! By the time we arrived, we were very hot and tired and just wanted to get back to Botany Bay as quickly as possible for some lunch. I should have taken more drink and snacks and miscalculated how warm it was going to be. We, okay I, also made a few wrong turns - we only had the leaflet with us and should have taken a proper map too. It didn't help that there are 2 Bagganley Lanes near Botany Bay and we were directed to the wrong one by a helpful lady! Ah well, it was a gorgeous walk anyway and one I'd happily do again. We've also been inspired to do other parts of the walk this year. I say 'we' but it's really me. Walking isn't really Chickpea's thing but I'm going to keep on dragging her along and eventually I'll walk her into submission! xx


  1. That looks a great walk - some lovely scenes (thought I'm with you about those solar panels!). I can't believe how great the weather has been throughout April. I'm even excited at the prospect of a cooler, cloudier and rainier this weekend!

  2. What a lovely walk - and such gorgeous weather too!

  3. It does look a beautiful walk, love the photos of the old farm house and especially the lambs.. Glad you have had a good week , trouble is it makes it hard to go back to work :(
    Amanda xx

  4. You certainly picked a lovely day to do the walk. My children moan about going out for a walk but once they're out they enjoy it. I do bring plenty of snacks especially to bribe the little one! xx

  5. The spring sunshine is quite misleading isn't it. Beautiful pics. Love the Goldfinch...and the lambs of course. :)