Friday, 2 October 2015

Golden celebrations

50 years ago today, this lovely couple walked down the aisle together.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mum & Dad!

Tonight we're having a party with about 60 family and friends. There will be balloons, banners and booze, karaoke and dancing, and enough food to feed everyone for a week! A quiet weekend to follow, methinks. x


  1. Lovely looking couple! I love the dress. Have a great time tonight. Will try to write this week.

  2. Congratulations to your parents, beautiful photograph, have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad! I hope that the party is wonderful and that they have many more happy years of marriage! xx

  4. Congratulations to them! Hope you've had a lovely celebration.

  5. HAPPY 50th anniversary to your Mum and Dad! Please tell me that you were able to wear your mother's wedding dress too! So lovely.
    What a handsome couple and they look so happy! Cheers!