Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter makes and bakes

So Easter is over for another year and it threw every kind of weather it could at us: thunder, lightning, wind, rain, hail and sunshine.

For most of it, we stayed inside and did some reading and crafting, only venturing out for new supplies. The pom pom tree is a new make. I did try gluing the balls onto the polystyrene cone but they fell off and rolled in all directions. What worked in the end was threading them into different sized rounds and simply dropping them over the cone.

Chickpea and her boyfriend made biscuits. He's never made them at home so she's introducing him to the joys of baking. Last time they made a cake just so he could experience licking the spoon.

On Sunday while the thunder and lightning raged, Chickpea and I made a start on some decopatch. The dragon and unicorn are hers and the bird is mine.

Just the legs to finish now.

I also started my bird embroidery from the Feb/March issue of Stitch magazine. Tracing round the pattern, listening to my favourite Bon Jovi song, 'Dry County' on Planet Rock, whilst sipping fragrant Lullaby Dreamcatcher tea. Pure bliss.

And, of course, there was kirigami.

We didn't stay inside all weekend though. On Good Friday we ventured to Dunham Massey. It seemed like everyone else did too so our journey took three times as long as usual. However, it's a big place so there were always quiet corners to be found. More photos coming soon.

Finally, there was excitement in the garden as I spotted our first ever willow warbler! After watching it for ages, it of course flew off as soon as I went to fetch the camera so here's one from last summer.

The best thing about this Easter? That it's not really over as I still have this week and next at home. Yippee! I have a whole list of things to do and see. Don't you just love holidays? :-)


  1. The Easter weekend weather was a real mixed bag wasn't it! It looks like you made the most of your time both inside and out X

  2. Love your makes and bakes Julie...especially the decopatched bird. That's a craft I haven't done in ages...I must fix that soon! Enjoy your holidays!
    Marianne x

  3. You have made lot's of lovely things, I like the pom pom tree and your bird, used to do a lot of cross stitch, I loved it but can't hold a needle long enough to stich. :(
    Nice to see the birds back in the garden, it could be a Chiffchaff..
    Amanda xx

  4. It looks like you've been having a lovely time with all this making and baking. I hope you're enjoying the Easter holiday, you must be reveling in all this time to potter at home. x

  5. Yes, I love holidays but I am American so I don't get too many of them!
    I love those cookies (biscuits) they care decorated beautifully!
    And I love your bird, both the one you made and the one that you saw in your garden! (And I very much know how quickly they fly away and how thrilled you are when you see them!!)