Friday, 1 April 2016

Photo Scavenger Hunt: March 2016

The year is flying by and it's already time for the monthly scavenger hunt. Thanks as always to Greenthumb for organising it. March's entry shows that we've been getting out and about a bit more.

Local : Our friendly neighbourhood pony. He's getting on a bit now but is always happy for a stroke and to search your pockets for treats.

City : Media City at Salford Quays.

Stripes : Gorgeous candy colour stripes on the side of a building in Liverpool

Crisp : Crisp leaves underfoot. Just to show how crispy they were, here's a video clip.

Street art : Sculpture at Liverpool One shopping centre.

Tiles : Mosaic at Salford Quays.

Rocks : A couple of big rocks on a walk this week.

Stairs : In the Liverpool One shopping centre.

Hair : Bracelet clasp on display at Dunham Massey. It's a watercolour on hair and silk and ivory.

Measure : Markings on the side of a ship.

Large : It probably doesn't look that big in the photo but this was an enormous tyre in the woods.

For one : Lunch time.

Landscape : Good Friday at Dunham Massey.

If you'd like to see the other entries, head over to the Scavenger Hunt site. x


  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to put Rocks and Stairs as separate photos. Your staircase is quite dramatic, and Media City doesn't even look like it's in Britain! I really love your pics for Hair and Measure and Landscape. Dunham Massey looks beautiful.

  2. Love the vibrant colours in Stripes and Measure and what a fab pic of the pony!

  3. your stripes are stunning. Yes I asalso goingto separate the words RocksStairs untilmy famfily told me there wassuch a thing. The things we learn from blogging! That was ingenious making that short video clip for crisp. Loved the tiles and street art as well as the delicate watercolour. HAve a great week ahead and see you next month

  4. That pony looks a sweetheart :) I really like the stripey building and the measurements on the boat.I never even thought of splitting rock and stairs.X

  5. A wonderful selection for this month's photo hunt, right from the start! Lovely to have a local pony as a neigh-bour; Those stripes were made just for this category, I'm sure. Terrific idea to video your crispy walk. A unique choice for hair - how interesting! Pretty tiles, and nice to see how well kept that ship is sporting the distinct measure marks. Loved seeing your lunch sandwich with a bite taken out of it :)

  6. Hi Julie I really do like this set of photos for this month, Stripes, and Tiles have to be my favourite.
    Amanda xx

  7. A varied and interesting collection this month!

  8. A lovely collection of photos. I like stripes, street art and tiles and also I like your interpretation of measure. I haven't managed to cover all the categories this month I'm afraid. I must get going again for April:)

  9. Yours are brilliant! That measure on the side of the ship was genius!!! Such an inspired shot!
    I love the street art too!
    The candy stripes look good enough to eat!!x

  10. You chose a local pony: I chose a local ewe! Beautiful and imaginative images - so crisp too ;-)