Saturday, 21 January 2017

Kirigami 2016 finale

It seems a little ridiculous still looking back to 2016 when we're almost at the end of January. However, I wanted to round off a couple of the regular posts I did throughout last year.

The first of these is my kirigami-a-day challenge. For those who are new to it, I bought a calendar which had a kirigami project for each day of the year and set out to see if I could complete it. For the first few months I did stick to the schedule and made time each evening to work on a design. After a while though, it ended up being more convenient to do them in a batch at the end of the week.

By the time we came to October/November, well, it all fell apart and I only ended up finishing earlier this month.

By the end, I also ended up only doing the designs which interested me as I'd learned by that point which were enjoyable and which were more of a chore.

The designs varied in quality and complexity. My favorites were probably the simple snowflakes. My least favourite were probably the weaving projects though they also produced some lovely effects.

Some of the Japanese designs, like the pair of cranes here, were particularly stunning.

Overall then, a challenge I really enjoyed and would recommend. More paper folding is definitely on the horizon this year as a friend bought me a doodle origami book for Christmas.

Next time, how did I get on with the Year in Books challenge? x


  1. I love origami, but I don't have a steady enough hand to do cutting. Your results are stunning though.

  2. Wow, there are some really beautiful designs there, some look really intricate too xx

  3. You did so well with these. I loved seeing these on your blog!

  4. Oh my goodness, I would put these photos on the bottom of your blog so that you could see them everyday...just saying! My favorites...all of those you did in blue, I am such a sucker for that color!

  5. They are all so lovely, I especially like the cranes.

  6. How great that you finished them through to the end of the year, the designs certainly got more intricate didn't they. Lovely to see them!

  7. Glad you have got them all done for the year, they look great....
    Amanda xx

  8. Love these and congrats on finishing! Been working doubles last few weeks so crazy busy. Glad to see postings again. Any quilts in the works?