Saturday, 14 January 2017

Weather weather

A very belated Happy New Year to you all. It's been a few months since I last posted: a combination of being overwhelmingly busy and a lack of inspiration. I'm still not sure how much I will continue to blog but it's likely to be more erratic.

Still, I'm here now and to talk about that most British of topics, the weather! I love a bit of folklore and an article in the newspaper at the beginning of the month mentioned a 16th century way of predicting the weather for the rest of the year. Each day foretells what the corresponding month will be like. Well I couldn't resist and took a photo on each of the relevant days. Here then is what this corner of Lancashire can expect during 2017.

The photo above, taken on 2 January, predicts September to be bright and sunny.

3 January = October : cloudy and grey.

4 January = November: sunny, blue skies.

5 January = December: more of those sunny blue skies.

The morning of 8 January foretells June, whilst the afternoon predicts May. It was miserable, grey and misty all day. Oh dear. I've booked a holiday in Northumberland in May!

The morning of 9 January = August. Yep, miserable and grey. That's about right as it's my birthday in August and it pretty much always rains!

The afternoon of 9 January = July. Hurrah, blue skies.

And the temperature on 12 January gives a rough summary of the whole year. Bitterly cold then. It was the day it snowed heavily in some parts of the country, though not here. It was also one of those 'four seasons in one day' kind of days: grey, rain, blue skies and sunshine. Maybe there's something in this folklore after all!

You might have noticed that this particular piece of folklore didn't bother with January-April so it will all be a big surprise! It'll be interesting to look back to see how close the prediction came.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. We're going to see La La Land at the cinema tomorrow and really looking forward to it. xx


  1. I haven't heard this method of forecasting before. I hope that it isn't a cold year overall! I guess that blue skies in November will be good though! Hope you have a great year with good weather - especially in May!

  2. What fun, I bet that was an interesting article, if I remember I shall pop back here later in the year and see how 16th century weather forecasting has fared, hehe!

  3. What a bonkers way to predict the weather, although I hope it's wrong - I'd like some warmer weather than that! No snow here either, much to our disappointment. x

  4. I predict that the weather in England will be ...unpredictable! HA!
    Lovely to see your post here, life is not the same without your blog!
    Oh dear, that movie "La La Land" won so many Golden Globes but it just looks awful to me! I know, I am so out of touch with the things that people like now...I am very uncool! :-)

  5. Nice to hear from you and a interesting post, we will have to see if it works, I predict the weather will surprise us yet again this year...
    Amanda xx

  6. Yay, so glad you posted again!!! How are you? Well, I hope! We went to see Lala land on SAturday and loved it! Ha, I hope your folklore is wrong!!! Yay, Northumberland!!xx