Thursday, 2 February 2017

Craft-a-day: Groundhog Day

Today is Groundhog Day in America when all eyes will be on the town of Punxsutawney to find out what weather the rest of the winter will bring. According to legend, if the groundhog emerges from his burrow to a cloudy day, winter will be short; if it's a sunny day, it's another 6 weeks of bad weather! Luckily, here, it's set for a miserable day so we're in for an early spring!

So why am I talking about groundhogs? Well, they're the theme this week of my new craft-a-day calendar. If you remember, during 2016, I worked my way through a kirigami-a-day calendar. A couple of weeks ago, we visited the same garden centre where I'd bought that and saw this one, half-price. Into my basket it went.

Each week has a theme such as snowflakes, gnomes, triangles, foxes, and each day has a craft on that theme. As the project is meant to be completed the same day, they're all pretty quick and simple.

To be honest, that aspect has been a little disappointing as most of the projects are on very similar lines - lots of cards, gift tags and cake toppers. I can't see me making everything but the templates will come in handy in future. I'm also thinking I might use the weekly theme as the jumping off point to inspire other activities like baking or days out. Watch this space to see if any of these ideas come to owt or nowt!

Did you think this was all I bought at the garden centre? Hmm, maybe not...more on that next time!

Happy Groundhog Day! xx


  1. Ok this is adorable. I can see choosing only certain projects. Can't wait to see what is from the garden center!

  2. I saw that book when we went to Salts Mill on Thursday, not sure if it was in the sale. With OH so didn't like to buy a book, What I do is have a look write the name down and get it later on Amazon :) and just hope he's out when they come :)
    Look forward to seeing what else you make..
    Amanda xx

  3. The craft calendar sounds a fab idea, I adored your kirugami one!

  4. Why, you even make Groundhog Day fun! Did you make that last Groundhog in the photo? It is too darn cute!