Sunday, 12 February 2017

Heart week

It's love all around on my craft-a-day calendar this coming week with a Heart Week theme. Rather than post after the event, I thought it would be nice to share a few heart ideas.

This heart cake topper garland is from the calendar. Rather than trying to complete all the crafts each week, I'm selecting one or just using the theme to come up with my own ideas. This was my favourite of the options.

But these are the others if you want to try out a different one.

Or why not make a heart mug hug using the pattern I posted here?

And there's always origami. There have been several heart-themed patterns on my origami-a-day calendar. This one folds up so that you can write a secret message.

Not heart-shaped but this is the Valentine's gift Chickpea is giving her boyfriend: chocolate bark decorated with marshmallows, jazzies, chocolate beans, glace ginger and toasted almonds. We've also spent today making animal-shaped biscuits half-coated in chocolate for him. One of them is a bear because he's her Bear :)

This week many people will also be wearing green hearts to show their support for the Climate Coalition who are raising awareness of climate change. I wanted to share some links on their site but it doesn't seem to be working so here's one to a supporters pack and a few ideas from the Women's Institute instead.

Why not hug a tree? (Photo from 30 Days Wild in 2016)

Or show your love for the environment by spending some time in one of your favourite places. You can see some of the things other people are doing on the CC twitter feed #showthelove

Happy Heart Week! xx


  1. Awww, these are lovely! I love the chocolate bark idea!!! Awww, aren't daughters sweet!!!!!

  2. Love the post - origami is great. To be in love :) Chocolate bark but alas not dark chocolate!

    1. Ha ha! I tried to get her to use dark chocolate but she insisted on milk. It was still delicious :)