Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Butterfly sighting I

It wasn't until I saw this Small Tortoiseshell fluttering around my garden that I realised how few butterflies I've seen this year. Probably the lack of prolonged sunshine but I've started to wonder if I have the wrong kind of flowers?

This one was attracted by the privet which is growing as a small tree rather than as the more traditional hedge. Until we moved here, I didn't even know that privets flower. However, they do, and the flowers have a lovely sweet scent which has been perfuming my garden for several weeks.

Having chased it around, trying to get a decent picture, I have a renewed respect for wildlife photographers!

Looks like a trip to the garden centre for some insect-friendly plants might be on the cards and, with any luck, I'll then attract more of these beauties.

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