Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Crochet the birdie

As soon as I saw the Birdie Decoration on Attic24's blog, I wanted to have a go.

He's made of Rowan Handknit Cotton from John Lewis: 239 Ice Water, 303 Sugar, 313 Slick, 352 Sea Foam.

When I got the yarn home, I felt there needed to be more contrast so paid a visit to Black Sheep Wools. There I found a pale blue Debbie Bliss yarn, ecobaby (14030 Silver), which was perfect.

The pattern for the body was straightforward and helped when it came to making my round cushion (almost finished!). I struggled with the beak and couldn't get it to a point. However, with his wonky beak and his wing at a jaunty angle, I think it gives him character!

Both yarns were lovely to work with. It was the first time I'd crocheted with cotton though and I had to get used to it not 'giving' as much as wool.

The beads on his feet are from a dress I had at age 15! I was going to a party with my then-boyfriend and had picked out a dress. As we were leaving the shop my Mum noticed another dress on a sale rack for a couple of pounds. It had a Native American feel to it: short, made of white T-shirt material, with beaded tassels around the sleeves and hem. She thought it would be fun to pretend this was the dress I was going to wear. And she was right: his face was absolutely priceless when he arrived to pick me up! I never did wear the dress for real but I still have all the beads. Crafters save everything!

So, one last look at him in all his glory. Ta-dah!

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