Monday, 6 August 2012

What's for tea: Wasabi salmon

For tea today, we have Wasabi-dressed salmon & basmati salad from the July 2008 issue of delicious magazine.

This is one of my go-to recipes which I've made lots of times and is always very tasty. Salmon is one of our favourite ingredients so I often choose recipes which include it. I didn't have quite enough of the basmati and wild rice mix so added some plain basmati. The mint is from my garden.

The rice was cooked in a microwave steamer which I've found gives the perfect texture every time. I particularly like the soy sauce, lime and wasabi dressing: a good flavour combination. So, once again, a successful and tasty outcome from this very reliable recipe.

And for afters, Cookies & Cream cupcakes from Asda - an impulse buy when I was supermarket-shopping with Chickpea in the morning. A lovely, soft sponge, sweet and chocolatey. But left me wanting more!

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