Monday, 19 August 2013

Crochet, cowboys and gnomes

Well, I've finally finished a crochet project at last! I had one of those 3-for-£5 trials to Simply Crochet magazine and saw a pattern in issue 4 for a lacy neckerchief. It appealed because, although I hadn't done lacy crochet before, the pattern seemed fairly simple and only used chain stitch and trebles. It turned out to be a good choice: I really enjoyed it and soon got into the swing of the pattern. Even better, it was fairly quick to do!

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace (shade 021, White) which was lovely to work with. I only bought one ball and there's still about half of it left so it would be a good project for trying out a more expensive yarn.  The strangest part was getting used to a very fine hook (size 2.75) which felt tiny after 'normal' hooks. However, when I then switched back to a bigger hook to make the Yarndale bunting, it felt really big and clumsy!

This was also the first time I've ever tried blocking my crochet - shocking I know. However, I'm now completely sold on the effects and, if you look at the before and after pics above, you can see why.

But what does it look like when it's being worn? Well, in Chickpea's words...


I guess it does have something of the cowboy about it :) Before I saddle up and head on down to the saloon for a glass of sasparilly*, I wanted to show you something I picked up in a charity shop this week.

Isn't it cute? When I saw it I thought it might be a great gift for a friend of mine who likes gnomes, fairies, elves etc. The trouble is I've fallen in love with it myself now so it might be staying!

I'm on holiday at the moment for two whole weeks - yippee and hurrah! Today I've been busy gardening and cooking which I'll tell you about at some point. Next though, I still have an outing from July to share with you. Back in a day or two. x

* The drink of choice of one of my all-time favourite characters in one of my all-time favourite films, Calamity Jane. Oh, the Deadwood stage is comin' right over the hill...


  1. Thanks for your comment about the starlings. They are another of the RSPB red list species - common is some places but overall in decline. I've never seen starlings around me, so although some people think of them as pests, I love to see them when we stay near clitheroe! They are a bit noisy though and I don't think I'd be keen on them if we did have large populations around here!

    The gnome mug is cute and the neckerchief looks great! That'll be handy as it gets colder!

  2. The neckerchief looks fab! I have some of that yarn but in a navy colour, it's really nice. I just love the little gnome mug too, very sweet!
    Marianne x

  3. Many thanks for leaving me a comment - pleased to meet you! You have a great blog - off to read more. I love those mugs xxx

  4. Well, Miss Julie (that is how you might be addressed in Western movies), I am thinking I could take a liking to that crochet work!

    Okay, that was me pretending to be Western, when I am as Southern as they come! I notice that Lucy from Attic 24 was spoken often of blocking and how important it is to your work, maybe that's my problem, not not poorly I crochet! LOL!
    Love that mug too, I might find it hard to give away. Give it to her anyway, something even BETTER will come to you. I can feel it.
    Have a great holiday or VACATION as we say in the States! xx

  5. The mugs are just too cute and I love your crochet scarf.

  6. I think your crochet is beautiful! I have not yet tried to crochet something that fine.