Saturday, 10 August 2013

Watercolour pears

I'm always up for trying a new craft or idea so, back in May when I saw watercolour stencils on Kate's Creative Space, I knew immediately that I wanted to give it a go. A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to it.

I already had a few watercolour paints including some which had been given to me and turned out to be so old they'd set solid! Kate had used a lovely hummingbird stencil but the only one I could find was a bunch of pears which had come free with a magazine many years ago. Not perfect but good enough to try out the idea.

You tape the stencil into place on the watercolour paper and then carefully paint into the shape. After you've finished, the stencil is left on while the paint dries thoroughly.

Next you stamp onto the painted image, keeping the stencil over the image as a mask. The stamp I used is Postmark from the Urban Stamps range by docrafts.

Because the stencil covered the white sections, the stamp only goes onto the painted areas.

Such a simple idea but so effective and very little artistic skill required. I was really pleased with the result and will definitely be having another go when I find some different stencils. If you fancy having a go, take a look at the stunning effects Kate created and be really inspired. She has lots of ideas on how to use the finished results too. x


  1. what a lovely effect that is with the stamp over the watercolour.

  2. This looks so pretty! Sounds like you enjoyed doing it too. I love trying new crafts out too. Another one to add to the list...!
    Marianne xx

  3. What a good idea, love the golden shine on your pear :) xx

  4. Oh that looks like such fun - I have stencils from long ago that I could use - have watercolor paper and watercolors - what am I waiting for?

  5. Oh wow, it's beautiful! Like you I admired Kate's watercolours and but haven't found a suitable stencil yet. I love how simple but effective her ideas are. x