Sunday, 25 August 2013

Galaxy cushion

A few months ago I bought this Rico Galaxy Chunky yarn, seduced by the colours and sequins.

The pattern I had in mind was a cable cushion which I'd seen as a free pattern (the pdf can be accessed here). It's a while since I'd done any cabling but I soon got back in the swing and enjoyed the simple rhythm. I'm also making a scarf at the moment and finding it much more challenging as it's got a lot of different stitches and you really have to concentrate and count as you're going along. Thankfully, this was a lot less stressful!


I actually finished the knitting part a few weeks ago but it's taken me ages to get around to sewing it together. I always used to consider myself a completer-finisher but, sadly, I was clearly delusional. I really like the making part but get bored by the finishing off. In this case I also think it was partly down to disappointment with the way the colours came out. I thought the yarn would knit up much brighter and more colourful but in reality it's rather a muddy colour. Still, it does look at home with all of our other cushions on the couch and that's really all that matters.

We're off on our jollies again today just for a couple of days to stay with some friends. Before we go though we'll be eating these yummy blueberry pancakes from a Jamie Oliver recipe which you can find here. Unlike the usual batter mix, you separate the eggs and add the whisked whites at the end - it makes the pancakes really light and fluffy. My tummy is rumbling already! See you in a few days! xx


  1. Oh I love the cabled pillow - such pretty yarn. Yummmmm pancakes! We make our waffles that way - whip the egg whites - delicious.

  2. I love that wool, the cushion looks great. Hope you have a great time away.

  3. That yarn is beautiful and your cushion p, even more so, just lovely. I have never tried cabling, I'm a bit scared to be honest, I must ask my mum to show me because it looks really lovely. I really love the other cushion in the photo, such pretty, bright colours.
    Marianne x

  4. Thank you for the follow. I am new to this but get so swept up in looking at everyone's beautiful posts. The yarn you purchased is stunning but the pillow you created was genius. Such a perfect use of the wool.

  5. That yarn is beautiful and the finished cushion is gorgeous. You did a great job with the cabling and I like the sparkle of the little sequins here and there. Delicious looking pancakes too, made me want to go and try my new pancake pan :-)