Friday, 6 June 2014

Mandalas & other Yarns

Thought I would quickly share my mandala for Yarndale now that's it's been safely received by Lucy (and pictured on Board number 4 on Pinterest). It's so exciting to see it up there with contributions from all over the world!

Did anyone else have a wobble when putting the glue on the back? I thought I'd put on way too much but it did eventually dry nice and clear.

The pattern is the Sunny Flower Mini Mandala by Zelna Olivier. Most of the yarns are my favourite King Cole Bamboo Cotton.

It looked lovely with all of my other mandalas.

But wait, I hear you cry, there are four here and you've only shown us three so far!

Yes, I finished this one a couple of weeks ago and have nicknamed it Jolly. This is Chickpea's favourite.

I am now all mandala-ed out and ready to move onto something else. But what? I am still not toiling over the yoga mat bag. I only have the strap to complete but cannot bring myself to pick up the hook for a long thin strap - dull, dull, dull!

I bought this absolutely gorgeous Rowan kid silk haze trio yarn in a wool sale a couple of weeks ago and have plans to make a mini-shawl - shawlette? The colour was just sooo beautiful I couldn't leave it behind though I could only justify one ball even at the sale price.

I also bought this other Rowan yarn in the same sale and am going to use it for the cropped cardigan/shrug. The pattern is by Louisa Harding....

and had been signed by her - a lucky find!

I have to say this one is calling me the most and, you never know, if I get a move on, I might actually finish it before the summer is out. Better go and find my needles! x


  1. Beautiful mandala for attic24 Julie...the colours are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing your knitting projects too.
    Marianne x

  2. Lovely mandala, I must get a move on if I am going to do one.

  3. Your mandalas are gorgeous! Love the bursts of colour! And that one ball of Rowan is a real treat, looking forward to your project for that. Lots of yarn love in this post! Chrissie x

  4. Love the Mandalas. Colleen is looking to start crocheting. Will have to direct her to Lucy. Wish you were here also the other night!

  5. Putting the glue on is very scary, but your Yarndale mandala and all of the others are just beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your new yarn project! xx